First, you need to submit plans, permits applications, and pay fees. If you need help, contact us.

Submitting plans

After your account is created, log on and do the following:

  • Create a plan, attach it, and submit it to us for review. You will also see the status of plans as they move through the process.
  • See all the permit applications you have submitted and paid for in your list of permits.
  • See what changes need to be made to plans with notes from us about issues or corrections, then re-submit the corrected plans for review.
  • Print out approved plans with your permit to post on your job site.

You may also submit plans by mail, email, or visiting an L&I office.


Washington State Department of Labor & Industries
Region 4 Mailstop 4810
7273 Linderson Way SW
Olympia, WA 98501-5414


NOTE: Pay An Elevator Invoice Online: You may receive an invoice for other fees or charges. You can quickly and easily make a payment for elevator invoices either online, by mailing your payment or visiting a nearby L&I office. Have your invoice available when you make your payment.

We must approve all new products before plans and permit applications are submitted. New products include any model or type of conveyance not previously approved by L&I.

There are penalties for installing, altering, and operating a conveyance without a permit, among other issues.

Documents needed


  • Copy of documentation showing elevator meets WAC and ASME codes.
  • Documents supporting factor of safety required in code.
  • Copy of U.S. label and listing for the controller.
  • Copy of print layouts with all items to meet WAC 296-96-02421.
  • All traction elevators require Washington state engineering stamps.
  • Copy of inspection procedures with step-by-step instructions to mechanic on how to comply with A17.18.10.
  • Copy of Maintenance Control Program (MCP).
  • Copy of instructions to mechanics to support MCP.

Stair chairs

  • Documents supporting factor of safety.
  • Copy of U.S. label and listing.
  • Copy of inspection procedures.
  • Copy of plans.

If not providing safeties for residential, the review must have a statement on plans that chair has a self-locking drive.

Material lifts

  • Document showing lift meets WAC minimum standards.
  • Document supporting factor of safety.
  • Copy of plans.
  • Copy of inspection procedures.
  • Copy of Maintenance Control Program (MCP).
  • Copy of instructions to mechanics to support MCP.

All other conveyance types will need information from above that applies to each conveyance.

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