Contractors Not Allowed To Bid

Contractors not allowed (debarred) to bid on, or work on public works projects.

Debarred contractor list: This is a list of contractors who are not allowed to bid on or work on public works projects. To view the list of contractors who have received one or more strike under prevailing wage law, contractor registration law, industrial insurance law, or apprenticeship law, see contractor strikes.

Debarred contractor list

What does debarred mean?

A contractor who is debarred may not bid on, or have a bid considered on, any public works contract.

What causes a contractor to be debarred?

A contractor may be debarred for violations or infractions of prevailing wage law (Chapter 39.12 RCW), contractor registration law (Chapter 18.27 RCW), or industrial insurance law (Chapter 51.48 RCW).

How long does the debarment last?

A contractor who:

  • Receives a penalty for violation(s) of prevailing wage law (Chapter 39.12 RCW) is debarred until all penalties as a result of the violation(s) are paid in full.
  • Is determined by L&I to owe workers unpaid prevailing wages under RCW 39.12.065 is debarred until the wages are paid in full.

Additionally, depending on the violation, a contractor who receives 2 or more strikes within a 5-year period may be debarred for 1 or 2 years, even if all penalties and/or wages owed are paid prior to that time.

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