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Nominate lifesaving workplace heroes in Washington

June 04, 2021

TUMWATER — Emergencies can happen to anyone anywhere, even on the job. Immediate action can truly make the difference between life and death.

Two state Department of Health workers, Tim Determan and Trevor Swanson, were collecting samples in Oakland Bay last year when they spotted an overturned kayak. Two people had been clinging to the vessel in 56-degree water for more than three hours. The workers pulled the two aboard their vessel, warmed them up, and delivered them back to safety.

Unsung heroes save lives in Washington every year, jumping into action when someone’s in trouble and needs help.

To give them the recognition they deserve the Department of Labor & Industries is calling for nominations to honor these lifesavers at the 70th Annual Governor’s Industrial Safety & Health Conference this fall in Spokane.

To be eligible, the heroic act must have occurred during work hours between June 1, 2020, and May 31, 2021, and the nominee must have performed hands-on aid. All workers covered by the Washington State Industrial Insurance Act are eligible for nomination.

In addition, the Governor’s Office gives a humanitarian award to people who performed a heroic act, but despite best efforts, were unable to save the victim’s life.

For law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and similar professions, the lifesaving action must be above and beyond a typical emergency they normally face.

If you know about a hero like the two workers from Department of Health, please nominate them for an award by filling out the lifesaving nomination form. For more information, call 360-400-4080 or email Governor's Industrial Safety and Health mailbox.

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