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Provider Express Billing (PEB) is a free and secure way to submit bills electronically and receive remittances through My L&I.

About PEB

There are three ways to bill electronically:

  1. Direct Entry using a free online form (no need to purchase software or use a clearinghouse).
  2. Upload billing files using your own software.
  3. Submit bills through a Clearinghouse.

What do I need to get started?

  1. You will need an Active L&I Provider Account Number
  2. You will need a My L&I Account.
  3. You will need to request access to your L&I Provider Account Number.
Direct Entry Billing

Direct entry allows you to submit bills using an online billing form and is ideal for providers with no billing software.

  • Online form is a modified version of the CMS-1500 billing form.
  • Provider and claim information are pre-loaded onto the form.
  • Finalized Direct Entry bills can be adjusted or voided online.
  • Can be used standalone or in addition to uploading files or billing through a clearinghouse.
Upload Files

Submit bills and adjustments electronically using your billing software. For this option, your software must be able to create billing files in the HIPAA Compliant 837 format.

  • EDI X12 837 (5010) Professional Health Care Claim
  • EDI X12 837 (5010) Institutional Health Care Claim
  • Link: L&I EDI 837 Companion Guide

The L&I EDI 837 Companion Guide is specific to L&I’s business requirements for conducting electronic billing in the HIPAA 837 format and is to be used in conjunction with the ASC X12 Type 3 Technical Reports, commonly known as Implementation Guides (IG).

The Implementation Guides are copyrighted documents and can be purchased through the Washington Publishing Company at or through the ASC X12 Store at

Clearinghouse billing

You may submit billing electronically through your clearinghouse. L&I accepts electronic billing from most commercial clearinghouses.

To get setup:

  • Complete an Electronic Billing Authorization form (F248-031-000)
  • Email a copy of the completed form to the Electronic Billing Unit at
  • Or Fax the completed form to 360-902-6192
Electronic Remittance Advice

L&I produces a remittance advice for each payment cycle. The remittance advice reports on your bills that have been paid, denied, or are still in-process at the time of the payment cycle.

  • A remittance advice is generated and available for all providers in a PDF document format
  • Optionally, a HIPAA compliant 835 (5010) Payment Advice can be generated and routed to the provider or to the provider’s clearinghouse upon request
  • The PDF remittance advice contains L&I’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB) codes
  • The 835 payment advice contains HIPAA Explanation of Benefits (EOB) codes

To request an 835 Payment Advice

  • To receive an 835 Payment Advice in addition to your PDF remittance advice, contact the Electronic Billing Unit at
  • To send an 835 Payment Advice to your clearinghouse:

Frequently Asked Questions

User ID and Password for My L&I (powered by SecureAccess Washington)

    What should I do if I forget My L&I user ID or password?
    1. Go to the My L&I (powered by SecureAccess Washington) login screen.
    2. Select one of the following:
      • 'Get User ID?' or
      • 'Reset my password?'
    3. Provide your email address.
    4. You will receive an email with instructions.

Technical Information

    Why can't I log in to My L&I?
    • Be sure you have:
      • Created an account with My L&I (powered by SecureAccess Washington).
      • Activated your registration with SAW.
      • The correct User ID and password (case sensitive) you registered with SAW.
    • Close your browser. Open a new browser and attempt to login again.
    Why can't I access Provider Express Billing when logged in?
    • Be sure you have:
      • Applied for the 'Provider Express Billing (PEB)' services (Add Service).
      • Selected and established a 'PEB Provider' relationship (Request Access).
        • For electronic billing, do not select 'Medical and Vocational Providers'
      • Activated your 'PEB Provider' relationship. Log into My L&I (powered by SecureAccess Washington) and follow the instructions mailed to you in your activation letter using the Activation Code to activate your account.
    • PEB may be experiencing technical difficulties. You can contact the:
      • Electronic Billing Unit
        • Phone: 360-902-6511
        • Email:

General Questions

    When will L&I process my bill for payment?
    When do I need to submit an Electronic Billing Authorization agreement?
    • When giving authorization to a clearinghouse to submit electronic billing on your behalf.
    • When changing clearinghouse's.
    • Electronic Billing Authorization form (F248-031-000). Fax the completed form to 360-902-6192.
    Can I use two clearinghouses at the same time?
    • No, our system does not allow dual submitters.
    I use a clearinghouse. What is L&I's Payer ID?
    • Each clearinghouse may assign L&I a different Payer ID. If you need a Payer ID, please contact your clearinghouse. Often, clearinghouses will post a list on their website.
    How do I sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?
    I submitted a bill and noticed it contained an error. Can I submit an adjustment electronically?
    • Yes. An adjustment can be submitted to a finalized bill that has been paid or partially paid. For additional adjustments information, see Getting A Payment Adjusted.
      • Direct Entry Adjustments - Bills submitted via Direct entry can be adjusted through the Adjust Direct Entry Bills function. You can find instructions for adjusting a bill in the Adjust, Submit or Void a Direct Entry Bill document (F245-437-000).
      • Electronic Adjustments - Any bill can be adjusted or voided via the HIPPA 837 format.
      • Paper Adjustments - Any bill can be adjusted or voided by submitting a paper adjustment.
    I submitted a bill or adjustment in error. Can it be deleted?
    • No. The bill or adjustment cannot be deleted once you submit it.
    Do I need to submit an Electronic Billing Authorization for each person in my group?
    • No, only one authorization is required for your provider group.
    Who do I contact for information or questions about my EFT payment?
    • The Statewide Payee Help Desk can assist with you questions about your EFT payment.
      • Email address:
      • Phone: (360) 407-8180, option 5