We are accepting applications for work hardening programs in Washington. L&I requirements can be found in the work hardening program standards.

Programs need to include physical therapy and occupational therapy. We consider exceptions on a case-by case basis.

Services outside of Washington

We will consider using an out-of-state program on a case-by-case basis. If you receive a request to provide work hardening, contact us to see if your program qualifies.


To become a work hardening provider, you must first have a provider account number.

Once you have your provider account number, send us the following:

  • Name, address, and phone and fax numbers for your hospital or clinic.
  • L&I provider numbers for your clinic and clinicians.
  • A list of staff, including titles and copies of licenses or other credentials.
  • A description of your program protocol, including details of how you will meet L&I’s standards.
  • A description of your facility, including:
    • A floor plan with square footage listed.
    • Services offered.
    • List of your equipment for conditioning and work simulation.
  • A copy of your report formats and/or, preferably, samples of completed reports. Include any other forms that help describe your program.
  • A copy of your quality-assurance protocol to show how you provide follow-up and, internal review, and to assure that you are prepared to comply with work hardening program standards.
  • A letter of intent to comply with work hardening program standards.

Mail your application materials to:

Department of Labor & Industries
Attention: Therapy Services
PO Box 44324
Olympia, WA 98504-4324