Become an Interpreter

To interpret for injured workers and/or crime victims you must be certified, provide a copy of your credentials, and apply for an L&I provider account. You also must maintain your credentials and notify L&I or self-insurer(s) of any changes.

Become an Interpreter

To interpret for injured workers and/or crime victims, you must:

  1. Complete the Submission of Provider Credentials for Interpretive Services form (F245-055-000) to obtain your L&I provider account number for billing and payment.
  2. Provide a copy of your credentials.
  3. Submit the completed forms with copies of your credentials to:

Fax: 360-902-4484
Provider Accounts and Credentialing
PO Box 44261
Olympia, WA 98504-4261

Maintaining credentials

Interpreters are responsible for maintaining their credentials as required by the credentialing agency or organization. Should the interpreter's credentials expire or be removed for cause or any other reason, the interpreter must immediately notify L&I or self-insurer(s).

Changes to your status or other account information

To prevent payment delays, you must notify us of any changes to your address, or business status. Complete the Provider Account Change form (F245-365-000). Fax or mail the completed forms to the fax or mailing address listed above.

For other account changes, contact the Provider Hotline at 800-848-0811.

L&I Administrative Policy

Chapter 14: Interpretive Services

Accepted Credentials

Credentials L&I accepts

Interpreters and translators are required to have at least 1 credential in good standing (not revoked) from one or more of the agencies or organizations listed in Chapter 14, Interpretive Services of our payment policies.

Credentials from other organizations or states

Interpreters located outside of Washington state must submit credentials from their state Medicaid program, state or national court systems or other nationally recognized programs. For interpreters from any geographic area, credentials submitted from agencies or organizations other than those listed above, may be accepted if the testing criteria can be verified as meeting the minimum standards listed below.

Testing criteria

Interpreter test consists of, at minimum:

  • A written test in English; and
  • A verbal test of sight translation in both English, and other tested language(s); and
  • A verbal test of consecutive interpretation in both languages.
  • For those providing services in a legal setting, a verbal test of simultaneous interpretation in both languages.

Translator test consists of, at minimum:

  • A written test in English, and in the other language(s) tested; or
  • A written test and work samples demonstrating the ability to accurately translate from specific source language to another specific target language.
Obtaining Credentials

Obtaining Credentials for Interpreters

The following agencies and organizations offer certification or qualification testing. This list is neither comprehensive nor an endorsement of any of these agencies or organizations. It is provided for information purposes only.

Agency or organization