Change Your Provider Account

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Submit changes to your account within 14 calendar days.

We’re moving L&I provider accounts to ProviderOne from January-June 2023. To see if your account has moved, check the Moving to ProviderOne list. If your account is in ProviderOne, visit the “Update Your Account in ProviderOne” tab below to make changes.

If your account is not in ProviderOne yet, select one of the other tabs, based on the action you need to take.

Changes may cause bill payment delays and issues accessing L&I's online applications, such as Provider Express Billing and your My L&I account.

Make sure everyone in your organization knows about the changes, including billing staff and staff at individual clinic locations, to help prevent delays.

Update your account in ProviderOne
Use the Modification Guides to:
  • Update addresses
  • Add or change electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • Inactivate accounts (individual/group/FAOI)
  • Add servicing providers
  • Change legal and doing business as (DBA) name
Select the modification guide for your account type:

Individual Modification Guide

  • Individual billing: A provider who is a sole proprietor and submits their own bills
  • Individual servicing: A provider who works for an entity who bills on their behalf

Group/FAOI Modification Guide

  • Group: An organization of individual providers who offer services
  • FAOI: A facility, agency, organization, or institution that doesn’t have servicing providers

Accessing ProviderOne

To see if your account has moved to ProviderOne, check the Moving to ProviderOne list.

Healthcare providers in WA, OR, or ID

Visit OneHealthPort (OHP) to access ProviderOne.

  • If you don’t have a OneHealthPort account, register with the link above. You’ll need your Tax ID.
  • If you have a OneHealthPort account, your organization’s OHP administrator needs to connect ProviderOne to your account.
Providers outside WA, OR, or ID and all non-healthcare providers

Visit ProviderOne to make changes or modifications to your account.

  • If you don’t have access to ProviderOne, register with HCA here.
  • If you have questions, contact your organization’s ProviderOne system administrator.

Questions? Contact We’ll respond to your email within three business days.

Account Changes or Closures

1. Complete, print and sign the Provider Account Change Form(F245-365-000).

a. Changing your name? 

i. Individual providers changing their name, please include one of the following:

              • Updated medical license.
              • Marriage certificate.
              • Divorce decree, or
              • Court ordered documents with your new name.

ii. Facility or hospitals changing legal name, please include a copy of your medical license, or certification under your new name.

b. Changing the legal name associated with your Tax ID? See Additional Requirements below.

2. Email, fax, or mail the completed L&I forms to:

    • Fax: 360-902-4563
    • Provider Accounts and Credentialing
      PO Box 44261
      Olympia, WA 98504-4261

Additional Requirements

Providers must submit forms directly to the Office of Financial Management (OFM) for the following changes:

  • Enrollment/changes in EFT payments.
  • Legal name changes.

OFM forms can be found by following the link:

Note: L&I cannot accept or forward OFM forms on behalf of the provider.

For questions regarding OFM forms or the registration process, call 360-407-8180 or email:


Tax ID or Organization NPI changes

For Existing NPI changes, complete the Provider Account Change Form under your current Tax ID and submit with an updated W-9.

New Tax ID or Organization NPI

Changing your Tax ID or adding a new Organization NPI requires submitting a new application. Visit Become a Provider for instructions.

Approved network providers (Washington state MD, DO, DC, DDS, DPM, ND, OD, ARNP, and PA) not previously credentialed through a delegated group should submit the following:

  1. Add Group Packet (F245-449-000)
  2. Copy of your new Insurance Certificate
  3. Complete the Provider Account Change Form (F245-365-000) to inactivate your current account(s), if you are no longer billing under your existing account, clinic, or group. When inactivating a clinic or group, this inactivates all providers in the group.

Fax or email the completed forms to:

                Fax: 360-902-4563


Independent Medical Examiner

For address or business status changes, complete the Approved IME Examiner Update form (F245-051-000).

If your clinic is setting up under a new Tax ID (EIN) or Organization NPI, go to Independent Medical Exams and submit a new application.

Note: OFM forms must be submitted at the same time as your Independent Medical Examiner Application to avoid potential delays in payment.

OFM forms can be found here:

Note: Providers are responsible for directly submitting necessary forms to OFM. L&I cannot accept or forward OFM forms on behalf of the provider.

For questions regarding OFM forms or the registration process, call 360-407-8180 or email:

Submit all forms to:
Fax: 360-902-4249
Mail: Provider Quality & Compliance
P O Box 44322
Olympia WA 98504-4322