ProviderOne Resource 

ProviderOne resources coming soon.  Please check monthly for updates. 

Frequently Asked Questions about ProviderOne

    What exactly is changing?

    L&I will begin using ProviderOne, an online enrollment system, in 2022. L&I providers will use a single system to enroll and update account information. 

    When will this change happen?

    We are moving to ProviderOne in 2022 with a phased approach. Please sign-up for the appropriate email list(s), to receive timely updates. 

    Does this change how we submit bills to L&I?

    No. Billing processes are not affected by the move to ProviderOne. Continue to bill L&I and access your remittance advice as you do today. 

    How does ProviderOne benefit you?

    It allows you to: 

    • Self manage account and enrollment information. 
    • Eliminate paper enrollments and updates.
    • Eliminate the need for multiple L&I applications for enrollment.

    How do I know if I'm part of a delegated organization?

    Typically, if your organization has a Delegation Agreement with L&I you will know; however, here's a list of the existing delegated groups:

    • Confluence Health
    • Evergreen Health
    • Franciscan
    • Kaiser
    • Multicare
    • Pacific Medical 
    • PeaceHealth
    • Proliance Surgeons
    • Providence
    • Skagit Regional
    • Swedish
    • The Everett Clinic
    • The Polyclinic
    • UW Medical (e.g. UWP, HMC, UWMC, UWVMC)
    • Virginia Mason
    • Western Washington Medical Group
    • Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic

    You may direct any questions you may have to the

    Why is this change happening?

    In 2017, the Washington State Legislature directed L&I to use a standard system for enrolling providers. We are working with the HCA to transition to ProviderOne.