Dr. Gary Franklin, Medical Director of L&I, introduces our Occupational Health Best Practices program — and the benefits of participation.

About Our Programs

Supporting Providers

L&I collaborates with providers/staff to implement evidence-based occupational health best practices that reduce workers' long-term disability. In addition, these practices make it easier for providers to do business with L&I. We understand that health care providers are the experts in patient care, so our programs are created in collaboration with providers for providers and their staff.

Supporting Workers

On-the-job injuries are more likely to resolve when workers return to the workplace within three months, resulting in positive professional and personal outcomes. The majority of workers return to work after two doctor's visits or less. Workers needing ongoing medical monitoring benefit from health services coordination. Occupational health best practice programs support workers throughout their care by offering provider-based health services coordinators who act as liaisons throughout the recovery process.

Supporting Employers

Our programs partner with employers and their representatives to ensure early communication. Best practice providers, along with their health services coordinators, assist employers in understanding and successfully navigating the recovery process.

Resources and Research

There are a number of documents that can help you gather more information about occupational health best practices:

Understand Best Practice Terminology

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