About the Pilot

Pilot Update

Thank you for your interest in the Provider Recognition Program. At this time, we are no longer accepting applications. Our pilot required a minimum number of COHE and non-COHE participants and we are not able to find enough interested providers. 

We will spend the next few months gathering and documenting pilot history and lessons learned. We invite you to send your feedback to ProviderRecognitionProgram@Lni.wa.gov so that we can include it in this documentation.  

Please contact us at ProviderRecognitionProgram@Lni.wa.gov with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Can a provider submit the APF or ROA electronically?

    Yes, the APF and ROA can be completed and submitted through My L&I on the provider dashboard. In addition, both are also available as a Health Information Exchange (HIE) transactions.

    How can I get the latest information about best practice programs?

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