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AquaMED® (dry hydrotherapy) is physical therapy device distributed by JTL Enterprises of Clearwater, Florida.

Coverage decision

L&I or self-insurer covers dry hydrotherapy only in the clinical setting. Dry hydrotherapy is a physical therapy modality that may be employed without prior authorization. However, the number of physical therapy treatments allowed are limited as explained by WAC 296-21-290 and WAC 296-23-220. The department will not reimburse for the use of dry hydrotherapy at home.

Dry hydrotherapy is a technique where a patient is either lying or sitting on a waterbed-like device that contains interior jets, which rotate and pulsate while releasing streams of pressurized heated water along the patient's body. This heated hydrotherapy is delivered in a dry environment. Dry hydrotherapy is intended to increase blood circulation, range of motion, and decrease the need for other therapies.

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