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The NeuMed Brevio® nerve conduction testing system is a handheld device intended for use in evaluating nerve function.

Coverage decision

The Brevio® Nerve Conduction Testing System is not covered at this time. L&I reviewed the scientific literature and determined there is not sufficient evidence of efficacy for this diagnostic tool. Brevio® is considered investigational and experimental.

This coverage decision applies to all State Fund and self-insured claims in all locations.

Background information

The NeuMed Brevio is a handheld device intended for use in evaluating nerve function. Similar to conventional nerve conduction study devices, the Brevio® assesses function via surface electrodes. This evidence does not support the accuracy or reliability of Nervepace for use as a diagnostic or screening tool for any condition(s) and specifically for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Billing information

Nerve conduction tests performed with Brevio® do not have unique billing codes at this time. The manufacturer of Brevio® recommends use of CPT codes:

  • 95900,
  • 95903,
  • 95904.

These codes apply to billing for motor nerve testing, motor nerve testing with F-waves and sensory nerve testing.

Note: These codes are approved only for nerve conduction studies performed with traditional nerve conduction testing systems.

In accordance with WAC 296-20-03002, L&I will not pay for treatment which is considered experimental in nature. L&I may recoup payments plus interest for nerve conduction tests paid inappropriately.

Brevio® Assessment