Medical Provider Network

Mandatory for Attending Providers (APs)

In Washington’s workers’ compensation system, APs must be advanced registered nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or licensed practitioners of medicine, osteopathic medicine and surgery, chiropractic, dentistry, podiatry, optometry or naturopathy. In addition, a worker has the right to choose and change his/her AP.

Please join the Medical Provider Network before you provide ongoing care to an injured worker. Except for the initial office or emergency visit, you must be approved in our network to receive payment (WAC 296-20-015). If you practice out-of-state, or you do not qualify as an attending provider, you must apply for an L&I provider number to provide ongoing care and receive payment for your services.

Responsibilities of the Attending Provider 

You can make a difference

You are in a key position to make a positive difference in the lives of injured workers and their families by helping prevent long-term disability. The AP’s responsibilities include:

  • Initiate workers’ compensation benefits by completing the appropriate accident report.
  • Educate your patients about their workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Report on injured workers’ progress while they are being treated.
  • Help return workers to a productive work life.
  • Rate impairment when a worker’s condition has reached maximum medical improvement.
  • Accept and abide by the department’s Medical Aid Rules and Fee Schedules.
  • Report fraud, claim suppression, and unsafe working conditions if you suspect them.