This committee provides a forum for L&I and both labor and employer representatives to focus on the advancement of worker protection in Washington State. Meetings cover WISHA (Washington Industrial Safety & Health Act) program and policy discussions. In 1997 the Legislature formally established the WISHA Advisory Committee by passing Substitute House Bill 1887, which was made into law under RCW 49.17.055.

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Member Information
WISHA Advisory Committee Member Position
Craig Blackwood
Assistant Director
Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH)
Committee chair
Holly Kessler
Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals
Non-voting member
Tammie Hetrick
Washington Retail Association Services
Employer member
Claude Golden
The Boeing Company
Employer member
Sybill Hyppolite
Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Labor member
Mark Gauger
GLY Construction
Employer member
Mark Riker
Washington State Building and Construction Trades
Labor member
Samantha Grad
UFCW Local 21
Labor member
Pamela Tabert
Congdon Orchards, Inc.
Employer member
Ed Wood, Jr.
Communication Workers of America Local 7818
Labor member