The Logger Safety Initiative(LSI) is a manual logging safety-based program where, if certain requirements are met, employers receive up to a 20 percent discount on their workers’ compensation insurance rates. Please see Logger Safety Initiative Background.

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Townhall Meeting FAQs December 2022.

To qualify for the LSI program your company must have employees and actively conduct manual logging activities or a company owner must maintain optional owner workers’ compensation coverage. Below are the steps to apply for the program and become certified.

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Submit your monthly hours starting the month you apply to the program by using this form Monthly Supplemental Hours (F212-246-000).

Tier 1

To achieve Tier 1 your company must apply for the program, implement the LSI Accident Prevention Program(s), and tailor it to your company’s needs.

If your company only conducts cable logging, download the logging accident prevention program.

If your company is a timber falling company, or has timber fallers along with cable logging, please download this timber falling accident prevention program.

Achieve these steps and your company will receive a 5% discount on its workers’ compensation insurance premium.

Tier 2

Tier 2 is achieved by the completing a Safety and Health Consultation. After any findings have been corrected, your company will receive a 10% discount on its workers’ compensation insurance premium.

Tier 3

Becoming fully LSI certified includes the completion of a workers’ compensation premium audit.  After any findings are addressed your 20% discount will be applied.

Current program participants

Public and private landowner companies are a vital partner to the LSI program. Below is the list of landowners who have signed up to participate in the program.

Green Diamond Resource Company
Hancock Forest Management
Merrill & Ring
Port Blakely Tree Farms
Rayonier Washington Timber Company
Sierra Pacific Industries
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Weyerhaeuser Western Timberlands

The table of participants below includes all companies enrolled with the program. Click on a company name and be redirected to the “Verify a Contractor” page to review the company in detail.

Company Tier Level Contract Expiration Date
A&K Cutting, LLC Tier 3 12/31/2022
Adams Timber Service, LLC Tier 3 12/31/2022
ALRT Corporation Tier 3  12/31/2023
Blakeway Timber Cutting Tier 3 12/31/2022
Blaney Creek Land & Timber LLC​ Tier 2 6/30/2023
Bucks Logging, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
Bulpin Timber, LLC Tier 3 12/31/2023
C&C Logging, LLC Tier 3 12/31/2023
C&K Logging LLC Tier  1 1/31/2024
Cathlamet Cutting, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
Chilton Logging, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
D C Cutting, LLC Tier 3 12/31/2022
DTS Timber, INC Tier 3 12/31/2023
Davison Timber Cutting, LLC Tier 3 12/31/2023
Dilley & Soloman Logging, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2022
E&E Timber, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
Evergreen Timber, LLC Tier 1 10/01/2024
Forks Fiber, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
Galeana Cutting, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023​
George Bridgewater Logging, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023​
Gordon Timber Falling, LLC Tier 3 12/31/2023
GS Tree Cutting LLC  Tier 2 6/30/2023
Gulley Logging, LLC Tier 3 12/31/2023​
Hadaller Logging, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
Hammer Down Contract Cutting, LLP Tier 3 10/31/2022
Hiett Logging, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
Holbrook, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
Hubster Logging Bros, LLC Tier 3 12/31/2023
J&O Timber Falling, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
Janicki Logging & Construction Co., Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
Jerry Debriae Logging Company, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
Kaski Logging, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
Larsson Timber LLC Tier 3 12/31/2022
Levanen, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
McGee Timber Cutting Tier 3 12/31/2022
Mountain Logging, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2022
MVR Timber Cutting INC Tier 3 12/31/2023
Naillon Timber LLC Tier 3 12/31/2023
NDC Timber, Inc. Tier 3  12/31/2022​
Nielsen Brothers, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
Northwest Cedar Salvage Inc.  Tier 1  10/31/2023
Northwest Renewable Energy Group Tier 3 12/31/2022
NW Timber Cutting, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2022
Pacific Log Processing, LLC Tier 3 12/31/2023​
Peterson Logging, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023​
Prairie Mountain Cutting, Inc. Tier 3 10/31/2022
R Harper Cutting LLC   Tier 3  12/31/2023
RL Smith Logging, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
Rawson Logging Tier 3 12/31/2022
Roosevelt Logging, LLC Tier 3 12/31/2023
S & W Logging, LLC Tier 3 12/31/2023
Saxon Contracting, LLC Tier 3 12/31/2023
Sevier Logging, LLC Tier 3 12/31/2023​
Skookumchuck Logging LLC  Tier 3  12/31/2023
Southwest Cutting, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023​
TH Logging LLC Tier 2 3/31/2023
Tikka Timber Falling LLC  Tier 1  6/30/2024
Tim Brown Logging, Inc. Tier 3 10/31/2022
Toepelt Log, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2022
Van Dyke & Sons Logging, Inc. Tier 3 9/30/2022
Walczak Timber, LLC Tier 2 3/31/2024
White & Zumstein, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2023
Wildwood Timber, Inc. Tier 3 12/31/2022
Willis Land Management Tier 3 12/31/2022
Zender and McNielly Logging Corp.​ Tier 3 12/31/2023​
Policies and guidelines

The program has standard ongoing requirements to maintain enrollment in the program. The requirements include:

  • Enrollee’s workers’ compensation premium account must be in good standing as outlined in WAC 296-17-31004(4).
  • Companies must accurately report worker hours in the appropriate risk classification each quarter.
  • Submit on time monthly supplemental reports for hours worked in the manual logging risk classification of 5001.
  • Fulfill the annual training requirements of the crew and owner/appointed safety officer of the company.
  • Continually comply with applicable safety and health standards administered by L&I’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

Find LSI out more information here in the LSI Policy Library

The following three policies describe violations for termination at different tier levels:


We are committed to keeping the logging industry safe and working. Here are some resources you can use in your everyday business activities.

List of paperwork to have ready for a LSI Consultation 

Proper reporting criteria for the Logging Permanent Yard and Shop Risk Class

Information on Filing your Quarterly Reports.

Join L&I's Quarterly Reporting email list to get a reminder when it's time to file your quarterly report.

SHARP program Hazard Alerts – use these great one-page training documents at your next safety meeting.

Would you like in-depth help managing your claim costs or wonder how your workers’ compensation rates are calculated? Get in touch with a Risk Manager for a free consultation visit.

Do you hire independent contractors or subcontractors? Learn about Independent Contractors guidelines in the Independent Contractors Guide. This guide will help you determine the difference between an employee and independent contractor.

If your company experiences a workplace injury use the Logging Industry Return to Work Toolkit to help return your employee to work as soon as possible.

Position Statement: Industrial Exoskeletons and Return to Work

More about LSI

Program goals

  • Promote a safety first culture for the logging industry employers and its workers.
  • Reduce the frequency and severity of injuries and deaths.
  • Increase proper reporting of worker hours.
  • Explore options to reduce costs in the industry.

Please see Washington State's Logger Safety Initiative Accord

Who qualifies for the program?

Manual logging companies, who have employees, and are actively logging.

Who we partner with

We're a key member of the LSI Taskforce partnership of government, public and private timber landowners and logging industry leaders. Members are appointed by the Washington Forest Protection Association and Washington Contract Loggers Association. We manage the program, and implement decisions made by the taskforce.