Loggers Safety Initiative Frequently Asked Question and Answers

    Who do I contact for more information about the program?

    Email the LSI program at loggersafety@lni.wa.gov or 360-902-5607.

    Where can I find policy information?

    Visit the Logger Safety Initiative’s website and review our policies there.

    Can I rejoin the Logger Safety Initiative after withdrawal or termination?

    You may reapply at any time after withdrawing from the program. 

    If your company was terminated from the program, you may reapply one year from the date of termination. 

    If your company was terminated due to a willful misrepresentation violation, you may not reapply for three years from the date of termination. 

    Please see the program’s termination policies for more information.

    How is my tier level determined?

    A comprehensive review of up to two years of your workers comp account history is evaluated depending on your current tier level. The intent of these reviews is to assess your company’s safety culture and performance but it also considers administrative aspects of your account such as being up-to-date on reporting and payments. While claims are not a part of these assessments, certain triggering events may subject your account to the program’s safety review panel which could affect your discount or program eligibility.

    What happens if I disagree with a program decision?

    Email the LSI program at loggersafety@lni.wa.gov or call us at 360-902-5607.

    What happens if my company fails a DOSH consultation?

    All serious hazards identified during a DOSH consultation visit must be abated within a reasonable time period. Imminent danger findings or situations must be corrected immediately. 

    Uncorrected serious or imminent danger hazards are referred to DOSH Compliance

    Why must my company have an audit of my workers’ compensation account?

    To participate in the program, and advance to Tier 3, a company must complete an initial workers’ compensation technical premium audit. This is to ensure your company is accurately reporting worker hours into the appropriate risk classifications.

    What happens if my company has premium audit findings?

    If your company has premium audit findings, you would arrange payment with an assigned revenue agent, or discuss appeal rights, if you disagree with the findings.

    What information do I need to prepare for a workers’ compensation premium audit?

    To prepare for the workers’ compensation premium audit, you will need to gather and be ready to share your company’s books and records and participate in an audit interview. 

    When your audit date has been confirmed, you will receive a letter outlining a list of records we will ask to review.

    What is a workers’ compensation technical premium audit?

    A workers’ compensation technical premium audit is L&I’s review of the company’s books and records to ensure they reporting their premium correctly.

    What is the Logger Safety Initiative (LSI)?

    The Logger Safety Initiative (LSI) is a program at L&I that seeks to improve safety and reduce workers’ compensation costs for manual loggers by offering financial incentives, safety consultation, and other resources.

     The program establishes standards for worker training, performance, supervision, and reviews progress of logging operations through mandatory performance-based safety evaluations performed by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) consultation services.

    How does my company join the LSI program? What are the requirements to join?

    To join the program and receive a 5% discount you must:

    To move to Tier 2 and receive a 10% discount you must:

    To become Tier 3 certified and receive a 20% discount you must:

    • Undergo an initial technical workers compensation premium audit.

     Check out the Logger Safety Initiative’s website for more details on program requirements.

    What happens if my company experiences a catastrophic injury or fatality incident?

    If your company is a tier 3 company, and it is determined that the incident is a triggering event, then your company must participate in the safety review panel process. 

    Please see the Safety Review Panel Policy for more information on triggering events.

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