Applicant Questions

    I have an idea for a grant. Can you tell me if my idea fits with your programs requirements? Will you help me fill out my application?

    Please check the Eligibility Guides for Product Eligibility (Safety & Health Eligibility Guide or RTW Eligibility Guide).

    • We have specific guidelines about what SHIP can and will support through our grants. If you are seeking information on our grant guidelines, please review the content we have on our website. And if you still have questions, you can contact us at or phone: 360 902-5588. We will try to answer any questions you may have.
    • Our staff is a highly trained and well-experienced team that is dedicated to sharing its expertise and providing support to help you finish your application. We cannot help you fill out your application.
    • Contact the SHIP Program at email: or phone: 360-902-5588
    Who can apply for a SHIP grant?

    Any agency, firm, organization, individual or other legal entity such as, but not limited to:

    • Trade/business associations.
    • Employers (including but not limited to private, public, non-profit or self-insured employers, if collaborating with medical aid fund employees).
    • Employees.
    • Labor unions.
    • Employee organizations.
    • Joint labor and management groups.
    • Educational institutions in collaboration with state fund employers or employee representatives ("collaboration" means their in active project management participation in the project by the collaborating business or labor partners).
    • Others deemed eligible by L&I
    • See the Eligibility Guides (Safety & Health Eligibility Chart or RTW Eligibility Chart) on our website. If you have further questions on the Eligibility Guides, contact the SHIP Program at email: or phone: 360 902-5588.
    Where do I get an application for a SHIP grant? When are applications due?

    Grant cycles usually open once a year. Visit our homepage to see if we are currently accepting applications. If you miss the cutoff for turning in an application, you must wait for the next cycle to open. Check our website often for open and close cycles.

    Does SHIP have funding priorities with each open cycle?

    All projects must address workplace safety/health needs for employers and employees covered by workers compensation Medical Aid fund.

    Priority will be given to proposals that encourage collaboration between employers and employees or their representatives.

    Who is the SHIP Review Committee?

    The SHIP Program has two review committees. The Safety and Health Review Committee and the Return to Work Review Committee. The committee members in each group consist of statewide external experts on subject matter along with internal technical experts.

    How will I know if my application has been approved for funding?

    You will be notified by email or phone if your application has been approved or denied.

    Can I resubmit my application if it has been rejected or denied?

    Yes, but you must wait for the next open cycle and update the application and specifically address the reasons the application was rejected or denied.

    Are there any other written requirements once my application has been approved?

    Yes. Required reports as follows:

    • SHIP Grant Award - Prior to receiving any funds the approved applicant must sign a SHIP Grant Award agreement Sample SHIP Grant Award Document The wording in this document cannot be changed in any way and must also be countersigned by L&I before funding will be disbursed to grantees. This agreement outlines requirements specific to each grant, as well as general requirements applicable to all grant awards. If you have questions before signing the agreement contact the SHIP Program at email: or phone: 360-902-5588.
    • Periodic Reports - Progress reports addressing grant progress and budget will be required throughout the course of the grant
    • Final Report - Summarizes grant successes and lessons learned.