SHIP Return-To-Work Grant Request for Proposals (RFP)

Do you have an innovative idea for helping injured workers return to work soon after an injury? Or a new solution for employers to quickly address their need for creative return-to-work options?

A new round of grants through the SHIP Program makes money available to fund new projects that develop and implement effective return-to-work programs to reduce long-term disability for injured workers, and associated costs for employers.

Grant applications will be accepted until further notice.

SHIP grants are designed to encourage new ways of approaching return-to-work challenges, in addition to occupational health and safety, as well as promoting cooperation between labor and management.

If you have an idea for a grant project, SHIP Program staff can help you get started by answering questions on how to apply and the application process. For more information or an application packet, call 360-902-5588, or send an email

The Department of Labor & Industries' Safety and Health Investment Projects (SHIP) Program funds grants that seek to:

Reduce the risk of disability for injured workers in Washington State through the development and implementation of innovative and effective return-to-work programs, particularly those that can be useful across an industry and/or by small employers.
Prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities in Washington workplaces through cooperation of employers and employees or their representatives.

To date the program has funded eight return-to-work grant projects. The materials and products developed through completed grant projects are available through the SHIP Program.

All proposals should be designed to develop and implement innovative and effective return-to-work programs for injured workers.

Grant limits and other criteria

The following criteria will apply to all SHIP grant applications:

Eligibility requirements for SHIP grants are listed on the application form and in WAC 296-900-175.

There is no per proposal monetary cap for Return-to-Work grant proposals. SHIP will fund projects until the amount available has been disbursed.

Submitted grant applications will begin the evaluation process as received.

Successful applicants will be required to attend an in-person grantee orientation to receive specific guidance and information about managing their SHIP grant experience.

Project duration for projects approved for this cycle should not exceed 18 months.

Products and materials developed or created through a SHIP grant must be available for distribution by SHIP and usable through L&I's website for others who can benefit from them.

Get a Grant application here or by calling 360-902-5588.