SHIP Safety & Health Grant Request for Proposals (RFP)

The Department of Labor and Industries will be opening a special cycle for acceptance of new applications for SHIP grants in early 2023.

The Department of Labor and Industries’ Safety and Health Investment Projects (SHIP) Program funds grants that seek to:

  • Prevent workplace injury, illness, and fatality in Washington workplaces through cooperation of employers and employees or their representatives.
  • Reduce the cycle of disability for injured workers in Washington State through the development and implementation of innovative and effective return to work programs.
  • A focus on projects that specifically address the needs of small business in either of these two areas.

To date the program has funded 130+ grant projects. The materials and products developed through completed grant projects are available through the SHIP Program and on the L&I/DOSH web site.

All proposals should promote the prevention of injuries, illnesses, and fatalities in Washington workplaces.

The following criteria will apply to all SHIP grant applications:

  • Grant requests for this round will not exceed $175,000.
  • Grants approved for this cycle should expect to receive grant funds and start work beginning around February 2022.
  • Project duration for projects approved for this cycle should not exceed 24 months.
  • All products and materials must assure accessibility.
  • Enhancement of products developed towards an electronic platform delivery is preferred, if appropriate for the audience.
  • Eligibility requirements for SHIP grants are listed on the application form and in WAC 296-900-175.
  • Successful applicants will be required to attend a grantee orientation in the Olympia SHIP program office (or via Zoom) to receive specific guidance and information about managing their SHIP grant experience.

Grant requests for projects that meet one of the following guidelines will receive special consideration:

  • Grants that effectively build occupational safety and health capacity within businesses and industries.
  • Grants addressing emerging issues in occupational safety and health and those with a significant impact on occupational safety and health.
  • Grants that address occupational safety and health needs of our multicultural worker populations.
  • Grants that bring together two or more organizations working in collaboration/partnership to address common occupational safety and health hazards present across multiple industries and work groups.
  • Grant requests for projects that address the prevention of:
The following injuries and illnesses: Within the following industries:
  • Work-related musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Falls (from elevation or on same level).
  • Struck (by or against objector equipment).
  • Overexertion.
  • Workplace violence.
  • 238 Specialty Trade Contractors.
  • 236 Construction Of Buildings.
  • 484 Truck Transportation.
  • 623 Nursing And Residential Care Facilities.
  • 321 Wood Product Manufacturing.
  • 237 Heavy And Civil Engineering Construction.
  • 622 Hospitals.
  • 811 Repair And Maintenance.
  • 922 Justice, Public Order, And Safety Activities.
  • Grants in any of the above areas that specifically support the needs of small businesses in Washington State.

Get grant applications online or by calling 360-902-5588