Combustible Dust Mitigation Solutions – Bridging the Gap Between Hazardous Wood Dust Awareness and Actively Eliminating Risk Through Effective Mitigation Programs in Wood Product Manufacturing

Timber Products Manufacturers, Inc.


As part of TPM’s ongoing effort to educate workers on combustible dust, we have found that workers are missing essential tools and guidance regarding proper prevention of dust accumulation and ignition sources. While awareness is an essential first step, the second step of implementing best practices and proper mitigation techniques is equally, if not more, essential to TPM’s goal of reducing workplace injuries involving combustible dust. In order to address the lack of materials regarding application of combustible dust knowledge to daily work activities, TPM proposes to develop dynamic mitigation tools and sample best practices for managing combustible dust in the manufacturing environment.

Amount Awarded: $175,643.60.

Project ID: 2014ZB00282

Final Report


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