2024 Voluntary Protection Program Seminar:
Melvin E. James Honorary Lectures on Safety and Health

On March 19, 2024, the 11th annual seminar was held at L&I Headquarters in Tumwater, WA. 



Craig Blackwood, Assistant Director, L&I DOSH & Joel Sacks, Director, L&I

Welcome and opening remarks.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Frank King, QPR, MHFA

This keynote aims to educate participants about the prevalence and symptoms of common mental and behavioral disorders. It is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to support mental health in the workplace, thereby improving both employee well-being and the company’s bottom line.

Causal Analysis (RCA): A practical guide to learn faster than we fail

Brian Hughes, President and Co-Founder, Sologic LLC

Attendees learned simple, powerful and practical causal analysis techniques to help understand problems, identify risks and effective solutions. There are no single “root causes” of any event. Just like a tree, events are born from a root system. This technique will help you map this system of causes and understand how they work together resulting in events.

The Value of Safety Committees

Chris Ansell, HSE Supervisor, NuStar Energy

Attendees learned how NuStar Energy has maximized the benefits of established safety committees in their worksites. What works and what doesn’t? NuStar shared firsthand experiences that have led to positive culture improvements, hazard identification, hazard correction and consistent communication between management and employees. NuStar shared the importance of safety committee engagement between hourly employees, management, and regulatory partners.