October is Global Ergonomics Month!

Ergonomics CampaignSprains and strains are one of the most frequent types of workplace injuries, but that doesn’t have to be true for your workplace. Using the principles of ergonomics to prevent these injuries can be easier and less costly than dealing with them after they occur.

Global Ergonomics Month in October is Washington state’s 4-week campaign, inviting you to discover ergonomics best practices to reduce the risk of injuries in your workplace. At any time during this campaign, you can get help at no cost by requesting a consultation.

We invite you to learn and follow one topic each week.

Week 1 - Management

Week 1 – Management Commitment

  • Communicate your commitment to find and fix hazards that can cause sprains and strains.
  • Train workers in Ergonomics Essentials (25 min)
  • Draft a short vision statement for preventing Sprains and Strains at your workplace.
  • Review the APP Sample for Ergonomics Process APP Template.
Week 2 – Employees

Week 2 – Employee Involvement

Week 3 - Fix hazards

Week 3 - Fix hazards

Week 4 - Keeping the processes going

Week 4 - Keeping the momentum going.