A worker wearing a short sleeve shirt and a firefighting helmet pumps water into a cup on a clear day at a firefighter training facility - June 2023's Safety Calendar image

Be Heat Smart

Employers in Washington state are required to take steps to protect employees working outdoors from heat illness May 1 through the end of September. Physically demanding work, heavy clothing and dehydration can put even the healthiest workers at high risk for serious heat illness including heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat exhaustion can make workers more susceptible to falls, equipment-related injuries, and other on-the-job safety hazards. Prevention is the best approach to protecting workers.

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How Can I Get A Calendar?

The 2023 calendar "Partnering for Workplace Safety and Health" is still available! The calendar focuses on the many ways L&I’s Division of Occupational Safety & Health’s (DOSH) Education and Outreach Program can help you keep your workers safe and working.

How Are You Partnering to Keep your Workplace Safe and Healthy?

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