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3 workers in protective gear examining a conveyor belt in an agricultural processing facility - February 2023's Safety Calendar image

Agriculture Safety Day

If you’re in the agricultural business, don’t miss Agriculture Safety Day happening this year in Yakima and Wenatchee. It is a full day of training on issues that employers and workers in the agriculture industry have identified as the most important to them. Several workshops are offered in both English and Spanish, and WSDA pesticide credits are available for some classes. Don’t miss out on this great training opportunity for yourself and/or your workers and supervisors.

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How Can I Get A Calendar?

The 2023 calendar "Partnering for Workplace Safety and Health" is still available! The calendar focuses on the many ways L&I’s Division of Occupational Safety & Health’s (DOSH) Education and Outreach Program can help you keep your workers safe and working.

How Are You Partnering to Keep your Workplace Safe and Healthy?

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