Workplace Safety & Health Calendar

A worker climbing onto a dangerous scaffold and other staged hazards in May's Spot the Hazards safety calendar image.

Can You Spot The Hazards?

This month’s calendar photo focuses on scaffolding hazards at construction sites. While scaffolds are common on construction sites, few workers are properly trained or supervised to erect, use, or dismantle them safely. This can result in injury or death. Falls are the leading cause of serious and permanent injuries to construction workers in Washington State.

You can use the photo this month with your staff and work crews as part of a Stand-Down activity to Prevent Falls in Construction. Search social media using the #SafetyStandDown hashtag to find stand-down activity ideas..

This photo has been staged to show a number of safety hazards and dangerous work habits. See how many you can find! The answer key can be found in the back pages of the calendar.

Resources To Help You:

How Can I Get A Calendar?

The 2022 Spot the Hazards calendar is now available!

How Are You Utilizing These Photos In Your Workplace?

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