Examples of safety hazards that can harm workers who grow, process, or sell cannabis (or cannabis products) include:

  • Hazardous chemicals and substances
  • Awkward postures, repetitive motion, and other physical stressors
  • Confined spaces (e.g., tanks)
  • Slippery or uneven walking surfaces
  • Process machinery with dangerous moving mechanical parts
  • Pressurized equipment
  • Unsafe electrical systems (e.g., damaged cords and plugs)
  • Equipment noise


  • Agriculture (WAC 296-307)
    • All growers must follow the Agriculture rule. Some processors must follow the Agriculture rule if they are processing their own flower. This rule includes the Worker Protection Standard (pesticide safety) at Part I.
  • Safety and Health Core Rules (Chapter 296-800, WAC)
    • All employers in Washington State (except agriculture employers) must follow these rules.
  • General Safety and Health Standards (Chapter 296-24, WAC)
    • These rules provide safety direction for working with Flammables and Combustibles; Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases; and Fire Protection.

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