Tractor Safety

Smiling Worker on a red tractor with ROPS up in a pink tulip field

Tractor-related injuries are preventable! Most farmworker injuries and deaths are caused by tractor incidents such as overturns, runovers, power take-off (PTO) systems, and unintended contact with tractor attachments or implements.

When operated properly, tractors are generally quite safe. Tractors that are old, in poor condition, lack safety guards and devices, or are driven in an irregular or risky manner can contribute significantly to unsafe or hazardous conditions.


Operating tractors can expose workers to outdoor heat, field dusts containing silica, pesticides, anhydrous ammonia (in fertilizer) and other substances that become airborne.

Employers can prevent these types of injuries by doing the following:

  • Train tractor operators properly.
  • Install rollover protection systems (ROPS) on all tractors.
  • Ensure ROPS are always used correctly.
  • Guard moving parts, especially Power Takeoffs (PTOs).
  • Require the use of seat belts.
  • Follow the manufacturers' requirements for safe use and operations.

Employers should also ensure that tractor operation safety is a part of an overall Accident Prevention Program (APP).

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