Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the SHIP program?

SHIP is Washington State's Labor and Industries Safety and Health Investment Projects grant program.

What types of products does SHIP fund?

We fund two types of projects. 

  • Safety and Health, which promotes safe and healthy work practices; and
  • Return to Work, which supports projects that assists injured to return to work sooner.

What are some of the projects that you've funded?

SHIP has invested in everything from a project that developed a best practices health and safety manual for Washington wine making industry to instructional videos that demonstrate safe practices during logging operations. 

You can find all completed projects that SHIP has funded, along with their final reports, on our website.  Our website also contains a complete list of all the currently open projects to date that are not yet completed.  Please take the time to go through all of the projects and products and download whatever may be useful to you or your business. 

Who can use the final products resulting from SHIP grant funds?

All products developed as a result of a SHIP grant are available to the public and will be accessible for download from the SHIP website once the projects are completed.

Where does the SHIP program get its funding?

SHIP grant program gets funded through the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries' workers compensation Medical Aid fund.   

What makes the SHIP Program unique?

The SHIP program's goal and approach are unique – to promote the prevention of workplace injury and illness and to support projects that assist in returning injured workers back to work more quickly.

How can a SHIP grant save businesses money?

Preventing a single workplace injury can save an employer as much as $750,000 in lost productivity and worker's compensation costs and can save employees a lifetime of disability.  SHIP grants promote investment in workplace safety but they also stop the untold economic losses from preventable injuries.

Who can apply for a SHIP grant?

Any agency, firm, organization, individual or other legal entity such as, but not limited to:

  • Trade/business associations.
  • Employers (including but not limited to private, public, non-profit or self-insured employers, if collaborating with medical aid fund employees).
  • Employees.
  • Labor unions.
  • Employee organizations.
  • Joint labor and management groups.
  • Educational institutions in collaboration with state fund employers or employee representatives ("collaboration" means thir in active project management participation in the project by the collaborating business or labor partners).
  • Others deemed eligible by L&I

Please see Eligibility Charts (Safety & Health Eligibility Chart (296 KB PDF). or RTW Eligibility Chart (298 KB PDF)) on our website

I have an idea for a grant. Can you tell me if my idea fits with your programs requirements?

Please check the Eligibility Charts page 3 for Product Eligibility (Safety & Health Eligibility Chart (296 KB PDF). or RTW Eligibility Chart (298 KB PDF)).

  • We have specific guidelines about what SHIP can and will support through our grants.  If you are seeking information on our grant guidelines, please review the content we have on our website.  And if you still have questions, come to one of our workshops - see our website for a list of upcoming workshops.  If no workshops are scheduled, you may call to schedule one.  Or you can contact us at or phone: 360 902-5588.  We will try to answer any questions you may have.

I've never applied for a SHIP grant before.  Where do I begin?

First check the Eligibility Charts (Safety & Health Eligibility Chart (296 KB PDF). or RTW Eligibility Chart (298 KB PDF)) to find out if you and your project are eligible. 
You may be able to find the information you need by looking over the application and instructions, located on our website at:
If you still need more information, SHIP offers information workshops throughout the year.  If there are no workshops scheduled or none in your area, call us and we can meet with you to go over the process.

Where do I get an application for a SHIP grant?

You can find both Safety & Health application and instructions; and Return to Work application and instructions on the SHIP website.

Before I start the application process, how do I find out if I qualify for a SHIP grant?

See the Eligibility Charts (Safety & Health Eligibility Chart (296 KB PDF). or RTW Eligibility Chart (298 KB PDF)) on our website.  If you have further questions on the Eligibility Charts, contact the SHIP Program at email: or phone: 360 902-5588.

When are applications due?

Grant cycles usually open twice a year.  To find out current open and close cycles for both S&H and RTW visit our homepage at:

Does SHIP have funding priorities with each open cycle?

All projects must address workplace safety/health needs for employers and employees covered by workers compensation Medical Aid fund.

Priority will be given to proposals that encourage collaboration between employers and employees or their representatives.

What types of activities are not eligible for funding?

SHIP funds may NOT be used for:

  • Lobbying or political activities
  • Supporting, opposing or developing legislative or regulatory initiatives
  • Any activity not designed to reduce workplace injury, illnesses, fatalities, or assist injured workers in returning to work.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Contact the SHIP Program at email: or phone: 360 902-5588

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