Safety Standards for Telecommunications

Chapter 296-32, WAC

Last Updated: 1/1/2018

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WAC Description
296-32-195 Foreword.
296-32-200 Scope and application.
296-32-210 Definitions.
Part A - General Requirements
296-32-22505 Incorporation of standards of national organizations.
296-32-22510 Safe place standard.
296-32-22511 Host employer/contractor responsibilities
296-32-22512 Accident prevention program and safety meeting(s).
296-32-22515 First aid.
296-32-22520 Remote communication sites.
296-32-22525 Training.
296-32-22530 Employee protection in public work areas.
296-32-22535 Facilities requirements.
296-32-22540 Tools and personal protective – General.
296-32-22545 Capstan and cathead hoists.
296-32-22550 Rubber insulating equipment.
296-32-22555 General fall protection.
296-32-22560 Ladders.
296-32-22565 Vehicle-mounted material handling devices and other mechanical equipment.
296-32-22570 Communication, roof tops, water towers and other elevated locations.
296-32-22572 Microwave transmission/radio frequency radiation (RFR) and laser communication—General requirements.
296-32-22574 Hazardous areas.
296-32-22576 Optical communications systems (laser).
296-32-22578 Control of hazardous energy.
Part B - Requirements that apply to Wireline
296-32-23505 Pole climbing equipment.
296-32-23510 Materials handling and storage.
296-32-23512 Cable fault locating and testing
296-32-23514 Grounding for employee protection—Pole lines
296-32-23516 Overhead lines.
296-32-23518 Wood or other types of poles
296-32-23520 Telecommunications line tree trimming and emergency work.
296-32-23522 Line patrol and work on aerial plants.
296-32-23523 Storm work and emergency conditions.
296-32-23524 Underground lines and cable vaults
296-32-23526 Directional boring machines.
296-32-23528 Manholes, street openings and vaults.
296-32-23530 Joint power and telecommunication manholes and vaults.
296-32-23532 Ladders for underground access.
296-32-23534 Tent heater, torches and open flames.
296-32-23536 Lead work.
Part C—Requirements that apply to Wireless
296-32-24005 Wireless communications—General requirements.
296-32-24010 Antenna work-radio transmitting stations 3-30 MHZ.
296-32-24012 Fall protection.
296-32-24014 Work during hours of darkness.
296-32-24018 Emergency response/rescue requirements.
296-32-24020 Rigging plan.
296-32-24022 Gin poles—Installation.
296-32-24024 Gin poles—Use.
296-32-24026 Gin poles—Inspections.
296-32-24028 Base mounted hoists used for overhead material lifting and personnel lifting.
296-32-24032 Personnel lifting—General requirements.
296-32-24034 Helicopters used for lifting loads.


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