Outdoor Heat Exposure

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Photo courtesy of CDC. Image of 3 EMTs with a patient on a gurnery appearing to have suffered heat stress

Don't let this happen to your workers! Take advantage of the cooler hours of the day and provide shade and water.

Photo courtesy of CDC.

Be Heat Smart!

Heat-related illness can quickly become a medical emergency.

Warmer temperatures, physically demanding work, heavy clothing, and dehydration can put even the healthiest workers at risk for debilitating heat exhaustion and life-threatening heat stroke.

Impairment caused by heat exhaustion can also make workers more susceptible to falls, equipment-related injuries, and other on-the-job safety hazards.

Prevention is the best approach to protect workers. Follow safety requirements in applicable rules and use the resources on this page to plan, prepare, and train for prevention.

Lastly, being heat smart before and after work helps your body recover from (or prepare for) a long, hot workday. To get tips for heat safety outside of work, go to Hot Weather Safety (www.doh.wa.gov) and Staying Safe During A Heat Wave (toolkit.climate.gov).

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