Driver Resource Center and Deactivation Protections

L&I has contracted with Drivers Union to operate the Driver Resource Center for the tens of thousands of rideshare drivers statewide.

The role of the Driver Resource Center includes representing drivers during eligible deactivation appeals, and providing culturally appropriate driver services, outreach, and education.

An account deactivation eligible for appeal means an action implemented by a rideshare company against a driver that might include:

  • Blocking or restricting access to the rideshare company driver platform for three or more consecutive days.
  • Changing a driver's account status from eligible to provide rideshare services to ineligible for three or more consecutive days.

An account deactivation eligible for appeal does not include a change in a driver’s access or account status that is:

  • Related to an allegation of discrimination, harassment, including sexual harassment due to someone’s membership in a protected class, or physical or sexual assault, or willful or knowing commitment of fraud;
  • Related to an allegation that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol while a related active investigation that takes no longer than 10 business days is under way; or
  • Falls under any other categories the rideshare company and the Driver Resource Center may agree to as part of the agreement regarding driver account deactivation appeals process for eligible account deactivations.

If a rideshare company deactivates a driver, they must provide notification to the driver via email and an accessible system at the time of the deactivation and must include:

  • Notification that the driver may have the right to appeal the deactivation and receive representation by the Driver Resource Center in an appeal;
  • Contact information for the Driver Resource Center;
  • A written statement describing the reason for deactivation and internal policy violated.
  • The effective start date of deactivation;
  • The anticipated end date of deactivation and action necessary for driver to remedy the deactivation, or confirmation that the deactivation is permanent; and
  • Notification of the driver’s right to use earned accrued paid sick time during a deactivation period.

Drivers with questions should contact the Drivers Union:
Phone: 206-812-0829