A rideshare company may not take any adverse action or retaliate against a driver who exercises their driver rights afforded by the law. The Companies may not use the driver’s exercise of their rights as a negative factor in any deactivation, restriction in account access, or other adverse action.

The exercise of these rights may include:

  • Right to paid sick time.
  • Compensation rights.
  • Tip and gratuity rights.
  • Right to reimbursements or other amounts due to the driver.
  • Right to utilize the Driver Resource Center (DRC).
  • Right to testify or intend to testify in any proceeding related to any driver rights.

It is unlawful for a rideshare company to:

  • Interfere with, restrain, or deny the driver from exercising any of their driver rights.
  • Adopt or enforce any policy that counts the use of paid sick time as time off the platform that may lead to or result in temporary or permanent deactivation.
  • Take any adverse action against a driver because they:
    • Intend to file, file a complaint, or take private action against the company.
    • Institute or cause to be instituted any proceeding related to any rights under the law.
    • Testify or intend to testify in any proceeding related to any rights under the law.

Adverse action means any action taken or threatened by a rideshare company against a driver for exercising their rights under the law. Adverse action may include:

  • Denying use of, or delaying payment for, paid sick time, compensation, all tips and gratuities, reimbursements, or any other amounts due to a driver.
  • Deactivating an account as defined by RCW 49.46.300(1)(a) and associated rules.
  • Restricting any account access.
  • Altering any of the driver's rates of pay.
  • Preventing a driver’s alternate compensation rate tier opportunities.
  • Threatening to take, or taking action, based upon the immigration status of a driver or a driver's family member.
  • Preventing a driver from working in any other lawful occupation or business.
  • Altering a driver’s rating.

If a driver suspects the rideshare company has retaliated against them, they can file a Driver Rights Complaint.