The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries has created the following tools and resources to assist employers to be proactive and confirm their compliance with the requirements of the Equal Pay and Opportunities Act (EPOA).

  • Equal Pay and Opportunities Act employer’s guide: This guide provides an overview of the law and informs employers about L&I’s enforcement and investigation process. The guide also assists employers conduct a self-evaluation and take meaningful steps towards eliminating unlawful policies and practices.
  • Equal pay calculation tool and instructions: This tool will assist employers to conduct an equal pay analysis to determine whether they are paying similarly employed employees differently. This is an Excel workbook that can be downloaded to your computer and used as needed.
  • Equal Pay and Opportunities Act employer consultations fact sheet: This fact sheet provides details on the purpose of an EPOA employer consultation as well as the benefits to employers and what L&I will provide during a consultation.
  • Request a consultation: L&I offers free customized consultations to help employers understand the impact the Equal Pay and Opportunities Act might have on their organization and employment practices, and provide a proactive evaluation of possible specific risks.

To request a consultation, complete this request form.

You can also call our equal pay specialist at 360-485-2965.

  • Request a webinar: L&I provides free webinars to individual organizations. To schedule a webinar, send your request email at and put “Request Equal Pay and Opportunities Act Webinar” in the subject line.