Employers by law must report the death or in-patient hospitalization of any worker (within 8 hours), and any non-hospitalized amputation or loss of eye (within 24 hours) due to an on-the-job injury by calling 1-800-423-7233.

Filing an Employer’s Report of Accident

Your worker must initiate the claim process by filing their report of accident.

After your worker has initiated the claim you will get a claim letter with the claim number. Once you have the claim number, you can file the employer's report of accident:

  • Online via our FileFast tool by signing into My L&I
  • By mail (with the claim letter you will receive a paper copy of the employer's report of accident)

We want to hear from you

You can help us process the claim by giving us information on the injured worker and your business. To process a claim accurately we need to know:

  • If you intend to protest the claim.
  • Complete wage information.
  • Which job site or location where the injury happened.
  • The last date your worker was able to do their regular job duties.
  • If you intend to use the Return to Work or Stay at Work programs.

Stay involved with your worker's claim

Make sure you read carefully each piece of claim mail you receive. The claim manager may reach out for more information to make their decisions. If we are unable to reach you, we will only be able to make decisions with the information provided.

Monitor the progress of your worker’s claim and access all documents and information regarding their injury by signing into My L&I, Claim and Account Center. Staying active in your worker’s claim can help you control costs and get your worker back to work sooner.