Becoming a Vocational Provider

Who can be a vocational provider?

A firm or individual approved by L&I, who meets the requirements in WAC 296-19A-210, may serve workers covered by L&I or self-insured employers. This includes individuals and firms that:

  • Work in other settings, such as pain clinics or hospitals.
  • Work in Washington and out of state.

Requirements for firms wanting to receive referrals from L&I

All firms that want to receive referrals from L&I to provide services on State Fund claims must meet the additional requirements outlined in WAC 296-19A-210(8)(e), (9)(a-e), and (10).

Orientation required before applying

If a prospective vocational firm is interested in receiving State Fund referrals, the firm owner/manager and the firm’s quality assurance representative must attend an orientation session with L&I before submitting an application.

The orientation session will cover expectations for vocational recovery and requirements for firm quality assurance.

Prospective firms are required to sign a Quality Assurance Plan (this version takes effect on June 1, 2024) and participate in quality assurance activities. Additionally, firm intern supervisors are required to apply and adhere to specific expectations for developing interns.

To learn more or sign up to attend an orientation session, email

Requirements for all vocational firms

Vocational firms

All vocational firms (including those that don’t accept referrals from L&I) must meet the business requirements outlined in WAC 296-19A-210(8)(a–d).

Before we can consider a firm’s application, all firms will need to:

  • Have a current Washington business license,
  • Have registered your current federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Social Security Number (SSN) with the Washington State Office of Financial Management,
  • Have proof of insurance, and
  • Have opened an employer account with L&I if hiring employees. For more information, see L&I’s web page How to Get a Workers’ Compensation Account.

Vocational firm managers

Your firm’s manager must be registered with L&I as a vocational provider (which can occur concurrently with the new firm application process) and have current credentials on file.

Vocational intern supervisors

If your firm has (or will have) interns, you must have a qualified supervisor on staff as required by WAC 296-19A-210(2)(d).

  • A Vocational Intern Supervisor Application (F280-072-000) must be submitted for all new intern supervisors.
  • Current intern supervisors must reapply annually. We will notify you when it’s time to reapply.

How to apply

Complete the Vocational Provider and Firm Application (F252-088-000) and fax to 360-902-6706.

Who needs to apply

You need to send us an application when:

  • You want to become a new vocational provider (intern, vocational rehabilitation counselor, or firm), or
  • You are currently a VRC or intern going to work for a different firm.


  • Firms (payee provider) complete 1 application. Allow Private Sector Rehabilitation Services (PSRS) up to 30 days to process your application.
  • Individuals (service provider) complete an application for each firm they work with. Allow PSRS up to 10 days to process your application.

All firms must notify us of changes

If your information changes, you must notify us. Use this chart to find how to send your information to us.

If you have questions, please call PSRS at 360-902-5447.


Other resources

Access L&I's Systems

As a vocational provider, you’ll use L&I’s systems to review claim files and manage referrals. The 2 systems described below will give you the access you need.

Claim & Account Center

Use the Claim & Account Center to:

  • View claim documents and L&I's notes about the claim.
  • View all the worker’s other open or closed claims.
    • Click on the link on the Current Claim Status page labeled ‘Check for other claims for this worker’.
    • You won’t have access to submit transactions on claims with no open referral.
  • View your Vocational Performance Profile.
  • Find out if L&I has authorized treatment or paid a bill.
  • Send a monthly progress report.
  • Send messages to State Fund claim managers using 1 of 4 electronic vocational messages (EVOC):
    • Worker has returned to work.
    • Worker is non-cooperative.
    • Request for good-cause extension.
    • Request L&I action.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Submitting E-Transactions

VocLink Connect

This online service allows you to:

  • Receive referrals from us.
  • Make vocational recommendations.

VocLink Connect Manual

Contact us for help

New user setup

Phone: 360-902-5999
Email: Web Customer Support

Revoked VocLink or LINIIS user IDs or passwords

Phone: 360-902-5000
Email: L&I Help Desk

Vocational Recovery Advisory Committee

The Vocational Recovery Advisory Committee (VRAC) advances quality vocational services and promotes continuous improvement. Its focus is on identifying, testing, and implementing innovative processes and practices in vocational services.

Committee members are representatives from private sector vocational firms who volunteer and apply to serve on the committee for a three-year term.

Register Today! Vocational Provider Summit on June 7

Return to Work (RTW) Partnerships is excited to host an in-person Vocational Provider Summit on Friday, June 7.

The full-day, no-cost, summit is set for 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at L&I headquarters, 7273 Linderson Way SW, Tumwater, WA 98501. It’s an exclusively in-person event. No virtual or hybrid options will be offered.

This year’s summit theme is “opening doors” to worker recovery.

Register for the Vocational Provider Summit

  • Submit an individual registration form for each vocational provider to reserve their seat.
  • Complete the registration no later than May 17.
  • Early registration is encouraged due to limited seating.
  • Waitlist available once registration has met maximum capacity.
  • If you require an accommodation or service to fully participate, please email Vocational Summit mailbox no later than May 17.

Note: We don’t want empty seats on the day of the Summit because of no-shows! Our goal this year is to eliminate no-shows, so that we can welcome all who would like to attend. You have a part to play. If you sign up for the event, but then realize that you can’t come, please let us know ASAP so that we can let people in from our waiting list.

Questions? Email the Vocational Summit mailbox.

Billing for Vocational Services

How to bill L&I – in general

Vocational billing policies and rules