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Electronic Report Resources Retro Premium Calculator
  • Current Retro Premium Calculator, updated October 2022; this applies to coverage periods beginning July 1, 2017 and later. This calculator assists in projecting future retro performance (though projections are not guaranteed). Please email us with any questions about the calculator.
  • Retro Premium Calculator, updated July 2017. This premium calculator is meant to be used only for coverage periods from July 2014 through April 2017. Unlike the current premium calculator above, this calculator does not reflect subsequent changes to the Retro insurance tables and single loss limit program rules.
Retro Program Rules

    Calendar of dates and deadlines affecting Retro participants

    Significant dates and deadlines, as well as the schedule of Retro reports, can be found in our annual Retro dates and deadlines calendar.

    Retrospective rating newsletter

    Subscribers to the L&I Retro News mailing list will typically receive 6–8 messages a month, with news, updates, and information about issues affecting Retro participants. Sign up here to receive our email bulletins.