Natural disaster information

Preparation and possible evacuation

While some disasters occur without warning and require emergency preparedness and planning, storms and floods may allow for early warning and possible evacuation.

The following "how to" video clips may help you take actions to minimize electrical risks to your property, yourself, and emergency responders:

Safety: Disaster damage determinations

The governor makes a formal declaration of disaster. From time to time, L&I may be asked to assist those who have damaged electrical systems or structures due to snow fall, dam failures, landslides, volcanic activity, wild fires, terrorist acts, and so forth.

Guidelines for Disaster Damage Determinations gives information about obtaining inspections and guidelines about the affected electrical equipment and conductors.

Recovery process

Getting the power back on and minimizing the chances of future failure of the electrical system.

For answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about electrical system repairs, permitting, and inspection related to damage caused by natural disasters, see electrical permits, inspections, disaster recovery FAQs.

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