About Electrical Installations

Protect the lives of your family — and your property — by making sure you have all the electrical permits, inspections, and approvals required by law. According to the National Fire Protection Association, about 38,000 reported home fires are reported each year resulting in about 1,200 injuries and $668 million in direct property damage.

Hire an electrical contractor?

Should you do it yourself or hire an electrical contractor? If you do hire a contractor, here are some helpful tips for property owners about working with an electrical contractor.

Electrical permit basics

Most new, remodel, and maintenance electrical work requires a permit. Find out whether your project requires an electrical permit and how to get it.

Go to Electrical Work on Residential Property: What You Should Know Before Work Begins (F500-078-000) to get:

  • A list of example electrical work that either requires or does not require a permit and inspection.
  • Helpful suggestions about how to protect yourself, your home and your property investment by getting the proper electrical work permits and inspections.
  • Detailed instructions and helpful hints about the electrical permit and inspection process.

See Homeowner's Residential Electrical Inspection Guidelines to get basic installation requirements for a single-family dwelling.

Electrical inspection basics

Your electrical installation must be inspected to safeguard lives and property. Find out how to get it inspected.

After floods & other natural disasters

Information about getting electrical inspections, with guidelines and FAQs about electrical system damage as a result of natural disasters.

Appliance installation & repair

Learn the specific requirements — including licensing and permits — for installing or repairing common household appliances.

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