Learn about new apprenticeship requirements for trainees learning to become 01 journey level electricians and (01) general electrical contractors that employ them.

New requirements do not apply to specialty electrical contractors or to the trainees they employ.

Beginning July 1, 2023:
  • All trainees performing work limited to (01) journey level electricians must be registered apprentices. Electrical trainees are often informally referred to as “electrical apprentices.” However, unless a trainee is in a registered apprenticeship program, they are not an apprentice, and

  • To qualify for an (01) electrician examination, applicants must have completed an (01) apprenticeship program. Applicants approved for examination before July 1, 2023 are not required to complete an apprenticeship even when reapplying after that date, and

  • To employ (01) apprentices, contractors must be training agents for apprenticeship programs where the apprentices are registered. Programs must be approved by Washington or be equivalent programs such as those regulated by Oregon or Montana.

Typically, employers, employer associations, and labor unions sponsor apprenticeship programs. Find an apprenticeship program by county and occupation. Occupations for (01) electricians are: Construction Electrician, Inside Electrician, or Inside Wireman.

Get more information: www.lni.wa.gov/Apprenticeship


Contact Apprenticeship Consultant, Gary Peterson | Phone: 360-701-7140 | Email: Gary.Peterson@lni.wa.gov

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