Electrical Laws & Rules

Current electrical laws (RCW)

Electrical Chapter 19.28 RCW (F500-143-000) Effective June 2018.
This printed document is also available for a fee in L&I field offices or by mail.

Replacement/insert pages due to changes in legislation. Please replace/insert pages below in your print version of 2018 RCW 19.28.

Chapter 19.28 RCW - Electricians and Electrical Installation official copy formatted in the protocol of the Office of the Code Reviser.

Current electrical rules (WAC)

Electrical WAC Rule 296-46B (F500-142-000) Effective October 29, 2020.
This printed document is also available for a fee in L&I field offices or by mail.

Replacement pages due to rule changes. Please replace pages below in your October 29, 2020 print version of WAC 296-46B.

Chapter 296-46B WAC — Electrical Safety Standards, Administration, and Installation official copy formatted in the protocol of the Office of the Code Reviser.

Amusement ride laws and rules

Chapter 67.42 RCW — Amusement rides or structures.
Chapter 296-403A WAC — Amusement rides or structures.

NFPA codes and standards

Visit the website of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for read-only access to the NFPA codes and standards adopted by L&I in Chapter 296-46B-010 WAC.

Rule Development

2021 Fee Increase

L&I has adopted changes to the Electrical rules that increase fees by 5.79% beginning July 1, 2021. The fee increase is needed to help support operating expenses for inspections and other program public safety activities.

The fee changes affect:

  • Chapter 296-46B-906, Inspection Fees.
  • Chapter 296-46B-909, Electrical/telecommunications contractor's license, administrator certificate and examination, master electrician certificate and examination, electrician certificate and examination, copy, and miscellaneous fees.
  • Chapter 296-46B-911, Electrical testing laboratory and engineer accreditation fees.

You can download a copy of the revised fees above for replacement in your October 2020 print version of WAC 296-46B.

Rulemaking Documents

2021 WAC 296-46B-995 Electrical Board – Appeal Rights and Hearings

On December 1, 2020, L&I filed a CR-101 to begin the rule making process to consider amending WAC 296-46B-995 in response to a petition for rule making. The petition seeks to clarify, simplify, and make the procedures for appeals to the board easier to understand and navigate, as well as to help reduce confusion for those that appeal decisions to the board.

Watch for more information about this rule making in the coming months.

Rulemaking documents

Related Resources

Electrical Inspection Policies

As new policies are approved, they will be posted here. Please check back on a regular basis.

Policy Number Effective Date
none current or pending None as of 10/1/2013