Interested Parties

Local governments must be transparent when building public works projects, such as school, roads, and other facilities. On this page you will be able to check the status of a project, file a complaint, and see how wages are set for workers on public works projects.

A person who is a part of an “Interested Party” can file a wage complaint with us about a public works project. In law, "Interested Party" includes:

  • A contractor.
  • Subcontractor.
  • An employee of a contractor or subcontractor.
  • An organization whose members' wages, benefits, and conditions of employment are affected by the prevailing wage law.

Check the Status of a Project and Contractors

Search Approved Intents and Affidavits

There are a variety of documents that get filed with us on public works projects. These include:

  1. The Intent. The “Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages” (Intent) documents basic information about the project – such as the “who, what, where, and when” related to the project.
  2. The Affidavit. The “Affidavit of Wages Paid” (Affidavit) states the work done on a project, the total hours worked, and the wage rates paid.

The system allows you to find an approved Intent or Affidavit filed by a contractor or employer for work on a public works project. Search for Intents and Affidavits.  Here is how to search

Verify a Contractor

Our “Verify” tool can be used to look up if a contractor is in good standing with L&I.

Look Up Wage Rates

To find the correct wage rate for employees on a public works project, you will need to identify:

  • The type of work being done;
  • Where the work is taking place; and
  • The effective date of your contract.

Wage rates can be affected by whether a person is a:

  • Owner/Operator;
  • Journey level worker or registered apprentice; or
  • Supervisor and foreman.

Wage rates can also be affected by overtime and prevailing overtime provisions:

  • Minimum prevailing wage – daily and weekly overtime requirements; and
  • Special overtime - certain classifications, shifts, weekends, or holiday requirements.

Look up Wage Rates

Request Certified Payroll Reports

If you are an “Interested Party” you have the right to request and receive certified payroll reports, which are a formal, weekly record of wages paid to workers. See the Interested Party Request for Certified Payroll and Instructions (F700-141-000).

File a Complaint

As an “Interested Party,” you can file a wage complaint with us for violations on a public works project. You will be required to provide information that documents the reason for the complaint, including:

  • Alleged violation(s);
  • Classifications and prevailing wage rates involved;
  • All pertinent project dates: Bid due, award, work start, completion, and acceptance dates; and
  • Statement of actions you have taken and copies of all evidence;

You will find a complete list on the complaint form.

There are several factors that impact how long it will take L&I to decide if we will accept a complaint. Those factors include:

  • Date received;
  • Complaint validity;
  • Completeness of complaint; and
  • Alleged violation(s) are under L&I jurisdiction.

Prevailing wage investigations generally take 180 days to complete. Complex investigations may take longer. L&I will contact you when we complete the investigation and make a decision regarding your complaint.

To file a complaint:

  1. Download and print out the complaint form Prevailing Wage Interested Party Complaint (F700-129-000)
  2. Fill out and sign the form. One per public works project.

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