Contractor Strikes

Contractors with one or more strikes

Contractor strike list   

This is a list of contractors who have one or more strikes under prevailing wage law, contractor registration law, industrial insurance law, or apprenticeship law. To view a list of contractors not allowed to bid on public works projects, visit the Contractors Not Allowed to Bid web page.

Contractor strikes

This is a list of contractors who received valid strike(s) for violation or infraction of prevailing wage law (RCW 39.12.050 or 39.12.065), contractor registration law, (chapter 18.27 RCW), industrial insurance law (RCW 51.48.020(1) or 51.48.103), or apprenticeship law (chapter 49.04 RCW). These strikes are used in determining whether the contractor is eligible to perform public works. The following explains how the strikes debar a contractor from public works:

RCW 39.12.050
Failure to file or false filing of prevailing wage forms (Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages, Affidavit of Wages Paid, Certified Payroll Records). Two (2) violations of RCW 39.12.050 in a five (5) year period will result in a one (1) year debarment.

RCW 39.12.065
Failure to pay workers the correct prevailing wage rate of pay. Two violations of RCW 39.12.065 in a five (5) year period will result in a two (2) year debarment.

Violation of any TWO (2) of the following statutes within a five (5) year period will result in a one (1) year debarment:

RCW 51.48.020(1)
Misreporting of hours worked or misreporting of premiums paid to industrial insurance.

RCW 51.48.103
Failure to obtain a certificate of coverage for industrial insurance.

Chapter 18.27 RCW
Failure to comply with contractor registration requirements.

Chapter 49.04 RCW
Determined to be out of compliance by the Washington State Apprenticeship and training Council for working apprentices out of ratio, without appropriate supervision, or outside their approved work processes as outlined in their standards of apprenticeship.

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