We are accepting applications for activity coaches who are:

  • Physical therapists (PT)
  • Occupational therapists (OT)
  • Vocational rehabilitation counselors (VRC)

Other providers, such as psychologists and registered nurses, may apply.

Additional requirements

  • Certificate of completion of the Progressive Goal Attainment Program® (PGAP).
  • Experience working professionally in workers’ compensation for 3 or more years and at least 1 year in Washington.
  • Completion of suicide prevention screening and referral training that meets the Washington State Department of Health standards in RCW 43.70.442. Having an active Washington State Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist License meets this requirement.
  • Access to an Americans with Disability Act accessible professional/private space.


To become an activity coach, you must first have a provider account number.

Once you have your provider account number, send us the following:

  • Your full name, phone number and email address.
  • Company name.
  • L&I provider number.
  • Physical address/addresses where you will offer services.
  • Copy of your PGAP certificate of completion.
  • Description of your worker’s compensation experience.
  • For VRCs, a copy of your completed suicide prevention training or a letter stating your intent to meet this requirement within 6 months.

Send your application materials to:






Department of Labor & Industries
PO Box 44324
Olympia WA 98504-4324