Updated: July 6, 2023

Welcome to L&I

As of June 30, 2023 all providers must use ProviderOne to apply or make changes to your account.

Visit the "Apply with ProviderOne" tab below if you need to apply. 

    HIPAA covered entity healthcare providers must provide an NPI (National Provider Identifier) when applying. 

    The following provider types are exempt from using ProviderOne. Use the "Exempt Provider Application" tab below to get started: 

    • Interpreters
    • Independent medical examiners
    • On the job training (OJT)
    • Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities
    • Third party pharmacies
    • Clearinghouses
    • Out of country providers, apply here
    Apply with ProviderOne

    ProviderOne is an online portal where you can submit an application to enroll with multiple state agencies. Visit our ProviderOne website for more information about the transition. 

    All providers new to L&I and ProviderOne must apply for an L&I account through ProviderOne

    Tips for Success

        Returned Application? 

        1. Return to ProviderOne.
        2. Correct missing or incomplete information. 
        3. Use the appropriate enrollment guide. See ProviderOne Guides and Resources.
        4. Resubmit your application for review. 


        Email PacMail@Lni.wa.gov

        Access ProviderOne

        Accessing Your ProviderOne Account

        All Healthcare providers in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho, visit OneHealthPort (OHP) to access ProviderOne.

        • If you have a OneHealthPort account, your organization’s OHP administrator will connect ProviderOne to your account.
        • If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to register using your Tax ID.

        Questions? Use OHP’s contact form, select single sign on account.

        Providers outside WA, OR, or ID and all non-healthcare providers 

        1. Go to Health Care Authority's (HCA) Provider Contact Us web form.
        2. Select topic: "ProviderOne Access Request Form".
        3. Complete all required fields.
          • If you do not have an NPI, enter 000000000 in the NPI field.
        4. Submit the request.
        Exempt Provider Application

        Exempt Provider Application 

        If you are exempt from ProviderOne, follow the instructions below to apply.   

        Here's how to apply:

        1. Complete a Provider Account Application (F248-011-000).
        2. If you are one of the following provider types, you have additional requirements. To fulfill those requirements, visit:
        3. Submit your completed L&I application and all supporting documents by email, fax or mail to: 
          • Email: PacMail@Lni.wa.gov
          • Fax: 360-902-4484
          • Mail:
            Provider Accounts and Credentialing
            P O Box 44261
            Olympia, WA 98504-4261
        4. Avoid payment delays! Go to ofm.wa.gov/payee and submit the Vendor/Payee Registration form directly to the Office of Financial Management (OFM) for: 

        OFM forms must be submitted at the same time as your Provider Account Application. 

        Note: Providers are responsible for directly submitting necessary forms to OFM. L&I can’t accept or forward OFM forms on behalf of the provider. 

        For questions regarding OFM forms or the registration process, call 360-407-8180 or email PayeeRegistration@ofm.wa.gov

        Next Steps

        Allow 60 - 90 days for application review. You will receive notification once your application has been processed. If you haven't heard from us after 90 days, please email PACMail@Lni.wa.gov.