Frequently Asked Questions about ProviderOne

    How do I terminate an account or provider from my group?

    Log into your Group Domain. Under your servicing provider list (Step 14), click the start date (hyperlink, 7th column) on the L&I line. Update the end date, click save and submit your modification. 

    Why is L&I issuing multiple accounts for my providers?

    There are two common scenarios that determine when additional provider accounts are created. 

    Scenario 1:  Selecting multiple taxonomies may generate multiple accounts when you are adding individual servicing providers through your group domain (Step 14).  For L&I, only select the primary taxonomy.  In most cases, we don't require multiple taxonomies to bill for services. 

    Scenario 2: Selecting multiple taxonomies in the billing provider details (Step 15) when you create a new servicing provider enrollment or new L&I application modification may generate multiple accounts.  For L&I, only select the primary taxonomy. In most cases, we don't require multiple taxonomies to bill L&I for services. 

    If I add my EFT/Direct Deposit, will it affect my L&I payment?

    Yes, after L&I has approved the change, you will see an alert in ProviderOne. 

    Does this change how we submit bills to L&I?

    No. Billing processes are not affected by the move to ProviderOne. Continue to bill L&I and access your remittance advice as you do today. 

    I made a change in ProviderOne, why can't I see it?

    To view changes, use the Filter By, select Status. In the next field, enter In% and click Go. Any entries with an "In Review" status will be displayed. (see the modification guides). 

    Where do I find the Business Process Wizard (BPW)?

    You will need to select your profile, then select Ext Provider File Maintenance, choose Manage Provider Information and the BPW will appear. 

    Step 1 is asking me for a UBI, do I have to enter a UBI?

    The UBI is not required. Leave the UBI field blank. 

    How does ProviderOne benefit you?

    It allows you to: 

    • Self manage account and enrollment information. 
    • Eliminate paper enrollments and updates.
    • Eliminate the need for multiple L&I applications for enrollment.

    Why is this change happening?

    In 2017, the Washington State Legislature directed L&I to use a standard system for enrolling providers. We are working with the HCA to transition to ProviderOne.