Master’s Level Therapists (MLTs)* as Providers in the Workers’ Compensation System

PLEASE NOTE: As of 1/1/2024, the MLT Pilot has concluded. Moving forward, MLTs are a part of the L&I System in a full/non-pilot capacity.

If you plan to provide services, we suggest you complete/review the following steps:

  1. Read Chapters 1 and 2 of MARFS,
  2. Read the updated payment policy for Behavioral Health Interventions,
  3. Review our website on billing L&I, and consider signing up for a billing workshop 

To locate an MLT, please visit and search “all providers” and select “behavioral or mental health care.”


Master’s Level Therapist (MLT) Pilot: History and Goals

Running from January 1, 2020 until January 1, 2024, the MLT pilot had two main goals:

  1. Expand access to behavioral health interventions delivered by qualified MLTs. These behavioral health interventions are intended to better enable workers to heal and return to work, and aid attending providers to address barriers that impede recovery from work-related injury or illness.
  2. Expand access to appropriate care for accepted mental health conditions delivered by qualified MLTs. While L&I’s current mental health system will remain unchanged, MLTs in the pilot will be able to provide care for accepted mental health conditions. If a mental health condition is contended by the attending provider, it will go through L&I’s current mental health evaluation and authorization process (MLTs are not allowed to diagnose mental health conditions or perform mental health evaluations in the pilot).

*MLTs include Licensed independent Clinical Social Workers (LICSWs), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs), and Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHCs).

Becoming an L&I Provider

Eligible participating providers include:

  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers (LICSWs)
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs)
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHCs)

How to become an L&I Provider:

  • Additionally, L&I offers a helpful training module for providers who may be new to workers' compensation. Completion of the training module is highly recommended.
Documentation & Payment Policy

Documentation & Payment Policy

For detailed information on payment policy, limits, and requirements, please refer to L&I's Medical Aid Rules and Fee Schedules (MARFS), including:

  1. Chapters 1 and 2 of MARFS,
  2. Updated payment policy for Behavioral Health Interventions,
  3. Our website on billing L&I, and consider signing up for a billing workshop.

Behavioral Health Services:

  • Require a referral from the attending provider
  • Are a brief course of care with a focus on addressing psychosocial barriers that impede a worker’s recovery and improve their ability to return to work
  • Do not require prior authorization 
    • Utilize CPT© codes 96156, 96158, and 96159
    • No more than one hour may be billed on a single date of service/visit.
    • 16 visits per worker
      • Up to an additional 8 visits maximum may be allowed with
        prior authorization if the provider has demonstrated
        improvement through prior treatment and established
        sufficient medical necessity to the insurer in advance of
        the additional visits.
  • Documentation using L&I’s Behavioral Health Interventions form are required to show progress and improvement in function throughout visits. 

Mental Health Services:

  • When referred for by the Attending Provider, a MLT provider may request authorization to provide appropriate psychotherapy treatment for an already accepted mental health condition on the claim, under L&I’s current mental health authorization process. Refer to Mental Health Services for more information.

For information on Mental Health Services, including authorization and reporting requirements, please visit Mental Health Services.

Rules & Contacts

Rules & Contacts


MLT Pilot Information and Questions:

Billing and Payment questions:

Provider Hotline

Provider Account Questions

Automated Claim and Billing Information Line 1-800-831-5227

General Information for Providers in Medical Aid Rules and Fee Schedules

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