The WISHA Advisory Committee (WAC) also advises the SHIP grant program. Committee members represent business, labor, and occupational safety and health experts. The main functions include:

  • Advising the department on program policy issues
  • Making recommendations about funding priority areas
  • Developing and maintaining communication networks in the community

Review Committees

The L&I SHIP program has also created two review committees. Both Grant Review Committees have one business and one labor representative from the WISHA Advisory Committee (or someone recommended by the business/labor representatives from the WAC). In addition,

  1. The Return to Work Grant Review Committee (RTW GRC) evaluates grant proposals that seek to help injured workers return to work more quickly in order to reduce the cycle of disability. The RTW GRC is comprised of experts with expertise in industrial insurance and workers’ compensation return to work programs.
  2. The Safety and Health Grant Review Committee (S&H GRC) evaluates grants that seek to improve occupational safety and health for Washington Workers. The S&H GRC is comprised of experts with expertise in occupational safety and health in a variety of industries.

Both committees provide assistance to the department by evaluating submitted proposals and making funding recommendations to the department based upon their knowledge and expertise on the grant type.

Read more information about the SHIP Advisory Committee in the SHIP rule.