Create a Workplace Safety Program

A workplace safety program is based on the hazards you have identified in your workplace and the safety methods you’ve chosen to manage those hazards.

An Accident Prevention Program (APP) is the foundation of your overall safety and health program and will help you document and organize your safety procedures. All employers are required to create and follow an APP and keep it up to date, but your business may also need other safety programs based on your workplace hazards. For example, if you have hazardous chemicals, you will need a Hazard Communication Program.

An effective safety program engages workers and ensures they are properly trained, participate in safety meetings or committees, and share their ideas and concerns to improve workplace safety.

Accident Prevention Program (APP)

Get helpful tools and samples to help you create and maintain your required APP.

Other Safety Programs

Browse the list of required safety programs that may apply to your business.

Identify your training needs

Depending on the hazards in your workplace, see what training requirements apply.

Hold safety meetings

Do you need to hold safety meetings or have a safety committee? Find the requirements that apply to your business and resources to help you get organized.