Expansion of death benefit

As of June 6, 2024, death benefits are available to beneficiaries of TNC drivers who die while logged into the system and available for work but are waiting for a ride to be assigned. Go to the TNC Workers’ Compensation web page for details.

As of Jan. 1, 2023, rideshare drivers have new rights and protections. Key elements include:

  • Minimum per mile, per minute, and per trip rates for drivers.
  • The right to paid sick time.
  • The right to workers’ compensation.
  • Protection from companies retaliating against a driver who exercised their rights under the law.

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) is responsible for enforcing these new requirements under RCW 49.46.

Only rideshare drivers who perform driving services for passengers are covered by the new statewide protections. Food and goods delivery drivers are not included.

Workers’ compensation insurance for rideshare drivers does not include vehicle repairs.

Or, visit the nearest L&I office

Driver resource center

The law also calls for the creation of a Driver Resource Center. The center represents drivers during deactivation appeals, and provide culturally appropriate driver services, outreach, and education. L&I has contracted with Drivers Union to operate the Driver Resource Center for the tens of thousands of rideshare drivers statewide.

Notice of rights

A rideshare company must provide each driver with a written notice of rights with the following information:

  • The right to minimum compensation rates.
  • The right to be protected from retaliation for exercising the rights protected by the law.
  • The right to seek legal action or file a complaint with the department for violation of the requirements of the law, including the rideshare company’s failure to pay the minimum trip rates or the company’s retaliation against a driver for engaging in an activity protected by the law.

The notice of rights must be provided to drivers in an accessible system. The rideshare company should make additional efforts to provide access to the notice of rights in a driver's preferred language.

The rideshare company must provide the driver with the notice of rights within 48 hours of beginning performing passenger platform services when:

  • The driver is a new driver, or
  • The driver has not begun a period of passenger platform time for 90 days.

Driver notice of rights samples