IMPORTANT: Employers must report the death or in-patient hospitalization of any employee to L&I (within 8 hours) and any non-hospitalized amputation or loss of an eye (within 24 hours) due to an on-the-job injury by calling 1-800-423-7233, option 1.

See Workplace Injuries & Fatalities for more information.

What is Self-Insurance?

Self-Insurance is a program in which the employer provides industrial insurance benefits directly to the injured worker. Employers must apply to participate in this program, and must meet specific financial and safety standards. If the application is approved, they will be certified as a self-insured employer.

The self-insured employer:

  • Is responsible for the payment of benefits during the time a claim is open.
  • Continues to be responsible for worker benefits for claims for the covered period whether the self-insurance certification remains active or becomes inactive.
  • As an employer, you must only share workers’ compensation claim information with people who are authorized. Revealing of a worker’s mental health condition(s) or treatment to unauthorized people can result in a $1,000 fine per occurrence. For more information go to:

Qualify for Self-Insurance

To qualify for self-insurance you must:

  • Meet L&I's required financial standards. WAC 296-15-021(1)
  • Complete a Self-Insurance Certification Questionnaire. WAC 296-15-021(3)
  • Have an L&I-approved written Accident Prevention Program (APP).
    • Get help developing an APP from the Safety and Health Consultation staff by calling 1-800-423-7233.

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