Should I Self-Insure?

Should my business self-insure?

To help you decide whether or not to apply to self-insure, please see the How Do I Apply? tab. This will help to create a cost comparison between self-insuring or insuring through L&I.

Things to consider:

  • Ask your L&I account manager for your company’s 3-5 year claim history. Review both the number of claims and the related claim costs. This will help you forecast your required self-insured assessments that are based on claims costs.
  • Review the worker hour information from your Quarterly Report. This will help you forecast your required self-insured assessments that are based on worker hours.
  • Review current and past self-insurance assessment rates.
  • Third Party Administrator (TPA) costs.
  • The Employers' Guide to Self-Insurance in Washington State (F207-079-000) provides additional details about employer requirements and responsibilities.

How do I apply?

How do I apply to be self-insured?

To apply to be self-insured, an employer must complete and submit the following documents:

Once approved, surety, a legal financial guarantee, must be secured by one of the following:

In addition, excess/reinsurance coverage must be obtained and filled out on the form Self-Insured Employer Certification of Excess Insurance (F207-095-000) 

Completed application packets can be sent electronically to

Physical copies of documents may be sent separately through postal services:

Department of Labor & Industries
Self-Insurance Section
PO Box 44891
Olympia, WA 98504

Maintaining Status

How do I maintain my self-insured status?

Once you are approved for certification as a self-insured employer, there are requirements that need to be met in to maintain that certification. Those requirements are:

Refer to self-insurer’s reporting requirements in WAC 296-15-221.