The Wage Payment Act requires the Department of Labor & Industries to investigate all wage complaints.

This law requires that, unless a complaint is otherwise resolved (withdrawn or paid), L&I must issue either a Determination of Compliance (DOC) or a citation and Notice of Assessment (NOA) ordering the payment of wages, interest, and penalties.

After an NOA or DOC is issued by L&I, the worker or employer may appeal L&I's decision to the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). An administrative law judge presides at the OAH and issues an initial order after a hearing is held.

L&I, the worker, or the employer may appeal the OAH's initial order to the director of the Department of Labor & Industries. The director then conducts a review and issues a final order.

The director also reviews OAH orders and issues final orders in child labor, protected leave, apprenticeship, and prevailing wage cases. These orders will also be posted here when they are issued.

Director's orders issued since 2016 are located directly below.

For questions about director's orders for employment standards, please contact the Employment Standards program.


APP Apprenticeship
CL Child Labor
GEN General Order
PL Protected Leave
PW Prevailing Wage
WPA Wage Payment Act

Employment Standards Director's Orders

Case Number Case Name Date of Final Order Topic
2024-003-WPA Seattle Solutions LLC and Keshav Sharma 4/29/2024 Timeliness
2024-002-WPA Jim Wilkerson 4/23/2024 Timeliness
2024-001-FLC Harvest Plus LLC 3/26/2024 Farm Labor Contractor
2023-013-PW Penhall Company 10/31/2023 Prevailing Wage
2023-014-WPA Speed Trans LLC and Arashdeep Singh 10/24/2023 Timeliness
2023-015-WPA Jason Johnson 10/24/2023 Hours worked
2023-012-WPA​ Gregory Bell​ 9/5/2023​ Hours worked​
2023-011-APP​​​ Construction Industry Training Council Mechanical Insulator​ 8/15/2023​ Apprenticeship​
2021-018-WPA Regent Chinese Restaurant, Peter Chu, and Kelly Shuman 6/28/2023 Default
2023-010-WPA John Piela 6/28/2023 Overtime
2023-009-WPA Randall Moss​ 5/30/2023 Exemption
2023-007-APP Cascade Veterinary Clinics 5/30/2023 Apprenticeship​
2023-006-PW UA Local 32; and The Washington State Association of the UA 4/11/2023 Prevailing Wage
2023-005-PW Westwater Construction Company 4/11/2023 Prevailing Wage
2023-004-APP Ryan Meyers 3/28/2023 Apprenticeship
2023-003-WPA Heather Haws 3/16/2023 Hours worked
2023-002-PW Glacier Northwest, Inc. 2-21-2023 Prevailing Wage
2023-001-APP Axiom Construction & Consulting, LLC 2-14-2023 Plan Approval​
2022-022-WPA Five Star Guttering, LLC, and Oscar Curiel 11-15-2022 Hours Worked
2022-021-WPA In Re: Grayson Morgan 11-22-2022 Hours Worked
2022-020-WPA In Re: Dolla Sign Auto Services, LLC, and Keegan Patterson and Kyle York 11-1-2022 Default
2022-019-APP Andgar Corporation 11-8-2022 Plan Approval​
2022-018-APP In Re: ACTiV 8-9-2022 Plan Approval
2022-017-WPA In Re: Robert Keller 7-5-2022 Employer Status
2022-016-PL In Re: Amazon Digital Services, LLC 7-14-2022 Retaliation
2022-015-WPA King County dba King County Metro Transit 5-26-2022 Dismiss
2022-014-WPA Eftkhar Balfour 5-19-2022 Default
2022-013-WPA ONK & KSK Corp dba Harbor Sushi and Ok Nam Kim 6-21-2022 Default
2022-012-WPA Espionage Cosmetics, LLC, and Jaimie Cordero. 4-12-2022 Default
2022-011-WPA Commerce Cooperative and John Wantz. 4-12-2022 Default
2022-010-WPA Doceo LLC dba H&H Moving Co. and Jack Holt. 3-15-2022 Default
2022-009-WPA David Koenig. 3-15-2022 Default
2022-008-WPA Family Preservation Service of Washington, Inc., and Robert Keller. 3-15-2022 Personal Liability
2022-007-WPA San Miguel, LLC and Marta Araujo. 2-15-2022 Hours Worked
2022-006-APP Brinderson, LLC. 2-15-2022 Apprenticeship
2022-005-APP Construction Industry Training Council – Mechanical Insulator. 2-1-2022 Apprenticeship
2022-004-WPA Vat’s Corner Market a Partnership of Ajay Vatsa and Subhash Vatsa. 1-18-2022 Hours Worked
2022-003-WPA Five Star Guttering, LLC, and Oscar Curiel. 1-18-2022 Default
2022-002-WPA Savanna Garcia. 1-18-2022 Hours Worked
2022-001-WPA Zain Medical Center. 1-11-2022 Hours Worked
2021-019-WPA Julie Brown. 12-16-2021 Hours Worked
2021-018-WPA Regent Chinese Restaurant. 12-16-2021 Hours Worked
2021-017-WPA Mayflo Contracting, LLC. 12-7-2021 Default
2021-016-WPA Sunland Bark & Topsoil Co., and Edward Little 12-7-2021 Default
2021-015-WPA Gleam Transportation, LLC, and Gokhan Ulger. 11-23-2021 Hours Worked
2021-014-WPA Greenfield, Rhett 11-23-2021 Hours Worked
2021-013-WPA Wee Dram dba Perfect Touch Landscape & Lawn, and Roy Mitchell 11-16-2021 Default
2021-011-WPA Smith, Addie 11-09-2021 Default
2021-010-WPA Lloyd Joynt 10-12-2021 Default
2021-008-WPA Ann Riggs 9-7-2021 Minimum Wage Act Exemption
2021-007-WPA Steffanie Bui 8-17-2021 Hours Worked
2021-006-WPA Kathleen Belocura dba Belocura Construction. 6-15-2021 Default
2021-005-CL Rotschy, Inc. 5-18-2021 Default
2021-004-WPA Byrek & Baguette 2 5-11-2021 Default
2021-003-WPA Harrison Medical Center 4-27-2021 Paid Sick Leave
2021-002-WPA Peter Quenguyen 4-13-2021 Hours Worked
2021-001-WPA Matthew Vaders 2-2-2021 Hours Worked
2020-018-FCA Alaska Airlines, Inc. 12-23-2020 Family Care
2020-027-WPA Evaan Solomon 12-08-2020 Default
2020-016-WPA Summerland Enterprises, Inc. dba Red Kitchen Cocktails + Taps 11-24-2020 Default
2020-015-WPA Sarah Buel 11-10-2020 Overtime
2020-014-PL PACCAR, Inc. dba Kenworth Truck Co. 10-6-2020 Paid Leave
2020-013-WPA Commerce Cooperative, and John Wantz  9-1-2020 Default
2020-012-WPA Muhammad Ahmad 8-16-2020 Default
2020-011-WPA NHTC Investment, Inc. dba Malri Hyang Tacoma, and Jae Kim 8-11-2020 Default
2020-010-WPA Hernandez Legacy Enterprises, and Jesus Hernandez  9-15-2020 Hours Worked
2020-008-WPA J&A Marine Electric, LLC, and Jerry Tidwell 6-30-2020 Default
2020-007-WPA Pierce County Community Newspaper, LLC 6-30-2020 Default
2020-006-WPA Ideal Countertops, LLC and, Igor Demchenkov 6-2-2020 Default
2020-005-WPA Cradle to Classroom Childcare Center, LLC, and April Schroeder 4-7-2020 Default
2020-004-WPA Amelia Butler 4-7-2020 Default
2020-003-WPA LM Digital, LLC, and William Casstronova 2-18-2020 Default
2020-002-WPA First Quality Builds, LLC, and Seyed Farshid Hosseni 2-18-2020 Default
2020-001-WPA Edith Vazquez dba Las Adelitas Restaurant Bar & Grill 2-20-2020 Default
2019-012-WPA Mohamed El Taher 12-16-2019 Hours Worked
2019-011-WPA Thaalis LLC, and Adiaman Velnambi 12-12-2019 Default
2019-010-WPA Rusty Grape Vineyard, Inc 7-19-2019 Default
2019-009-WPA Veteran's Independent Enterprises of Washington, and Donald Hutt, and Gary Peterson 9-27-2019 Default
2019-008-WPA Aastha Inc. dba Seattle Printing, and Rajesh Malhotra 7-19-2019 Default
2019-007-WPA Ridgeview Farms, LLC, and Terry Cissne 6-10-2019 Hours Worked
2019-006-WPA Eugene Westrick 5-3-2019 Default
2019-005-WPA Port of Tacoma 4-24-2019 Hours Worked
2019-004-WPA Luxmore Industries, Inc. 3-13-2019 Default
2019-003-WPA Dale Ervin dba Custom Decks, Inc. 1-17-2019 Default
2019-002-WPA Earl James Lee dba Hammer Time Restoration 1-8-2019 Employment Status
2019-001-WPA Thaalis, LLC 1-8-2019 Default
2018-027-WPA Green Power of Washington, LLC, and Clint Wise 12-5-2018 Hours Worked
2018-026-WPA Luxury Motors, LLC, and Hussein Halbawy 12-5-2018 Timeliness
2018-025-FLC Mariviel Brunetti, and Agri Aide, Inc. 10-26-2018 Penalty
2018-024-PL Honeycutt, Rachelle, & Westergreen, Gabriel 1-8-2019 Family Leave
2018-023-WPA Bellwether Harbor Investments, LLP dba Hotel Bellwether 10-25-2018 Employee Status
2018-022-WPA Peachstate Health Management, LLC dba Aeon Clinical Laboratories, and Hanif Roshan 10-19-2018 Hours Worked
2018-021-WPA Giordanous Group, LLC dba Interact, and David J. Kelley 10-19-2018 Employee Status
2018-019-WPA Ready Remodelling, LLC, and John Madden 10-12-2018 Timeliness
2018-018-WPA In re Lyle Powell 10-12-2018 Hours Worked
2018-016-WPA Solorzano, LLC dba Aztek General Contractors, and Luis Solorzano 8-22-2018 Hours Worked
2018-015-WPA Diamond Freight Systems, Inc., DFS Freight, Inc., and Tony Mountaintes, Rajiv Sauson, and Parminder Thind 9-14-2018 Overtime
2018-014-WPA Northwest Freight & Parcel, LLC, and Tony Mountaintes 9-14-2018 Overtime
2018-013-WPA In re Communication Energy Technology Solutions, Inc. dba CETS 6-28-20018 Default
2018-012-WPA In re Qliance Management, Inc. 6-18-2018 Timeliness
2018-011-APP In re Inland Northwest Associated General Contractors Carpenters 5-17-2018 Apprenticeship
2018-010-WPA In re Meelin Nakata 4-30-2018 Employee Status
2018-009-WPA In re Qliance Management Inc. 5-7-2018 Default
2018-008-WPA In re McClain Motors LLC 4-18-2018 Timeliness
2018-007-WPA In re Courtney Thompson 4-2-2018 Default
2018-006-WPA In re Rachel Minnick 2-27-2018 Timeliness
2018-005-WPA In re The Bottle Shop LLC dba Mail & Vine, and Dougles Engler 2-23-2018 Timeliness
2018-004-WPA In re Shantel M. Swan dba Love My Child Family Services 2-8-2018 Timeliness
2018-003-WPA In re Jeffrey Richardson 2-9-2018 Timeliness
2018-002-WPA In re THR Washington II, L.P. dba Invitation Homes 2-7-2018 Hours Worked
2018-001-WPA In re Acropolis Restaurant dba Kayak Bar & Grill, and Nicholas Rondos 1-10-2018 Hours Worked
2017-019-WPA In re: Impact Motion Sports, Inc. and Travis Leavitt 11-29-2017 Default
2017-018-WPA In re: Giordanous Group, LLC dba Interact, and David J. Kelley
Note: Appeal to superior court.
11-17-2017 Employment Relationship
2017-017-WPA In re James Gutschmidt 09-26-2017 Employment Relationship
2017-016-WPA In re Desta Koflemariam 09-18-2017 Timeliness
2017-015-WPA In re McCully Contracting Specialist, Inc. 09-06-2017 Default
2017-014-WPA In re Ming and Asian Buffet 08-07-2017 Hours Worked
2017-013-WPA In re Sunshine Motel Inn LLC, and Rajiv Sauson 07-25-2017 Hours Worked
2017-011-WPA In re Concept One Performance and Repair LLC 06-01-2017 Hours Worked
2017-010-CL In re Champion Motels Inc. 06-06-2017 Child Labor
2017-009-WPA In re Daniel Mahoney 06-08-2017 Hours Worked
2017-008-WPA In re Lyle Powell 06-01-2017 Timeliness
2017-007-WPA LTT International Inc. dba Loomis Truck & Tractor Inc., and Wes Loomis 04-19-2017 Final Wages
2017-006-WPA In re Cruisers Driving Academy 12-1-2017 Hours Worked
2017-005-WPA In re Yellow Cab Express LLC dba Tacoma Yellow Cab 04-03-2017 Timeliness
2017-004-APP In re Vertical Options Apprenticeship Program
(Note: Appealed to King County Superior Court; decision affirmed)
03-14-2017 Apprenticeship
2017-003-WPA In re Alfonso Garcia 02-28-2017 Hours Worked
2017-002-WPA In re Champion Motels Inc. dba Motel 6 & Devani Khanna 01-17-2017 Hours Worked
2017-001-APP In re I.E.C. of Washington Apprenticeship and Training Committee
(Note: Appealed to Thurston County Superior Court, No. 17-2-00588-34; appeal dismissed”)
02-01-2017 Apprenticeship
2016-014-WPA In re Joyce Nganga 12-15-2016 Minimum Wage Act Exemption
2016-013-WPA Smokiam RV Resort and Campground LLC, and Alanna and Bradley Ellis 11-23-2016 Minimum Wage Act Exemption
2016-012-WPA Roger Rudd, DDS 11-07-2016 Deduction
2016-011-WPA In re Creative Touch Auto Solutions, LLC 10-24-2016 Default on Appeal
2016-010-WPA In re Gold Mountain, Inc.
(Note: Appealed to Spokane County Superior Court, No. 16-204329-6; decision affirmed)
10-20-2016 Overtime
2016-009-WPA In re Inspired 2, Inc. dba CleanPro Services 10-07-2016 Default on Appeal
2016-008-WPA In re Abigail White dba White Paint 09-16-2016 Bonus
2016-007-WPA In re Hubert Gilmore 07-29-2016 Hours Worked
2016-006-WPA In re Margaret Anderson 07-26-2016 Overtime
2016-005-WPA In re Carolyn Werre 04-28-2016 Overtime
2016-004-WPA In re Gateway Transport, LLC 04-22-2016 Agreed Wage
2016-003-WPA In re Bryon Winter 01-08-2016 Default on Appeal
2016-002-WPA In re PAC 4 Coating & Waterproofing, LLC 01-07-2016 Deduction
2016-001-GEN In re Internet Posting of Director’s Orders 11-14-2016 General Order